Inside the brain of a gambling addict - BBC News

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interesting one!

This is a very interesting video, but not all the gamblers are addicted to gambling. If you know when to stop and you enjoy gambling, it doesn’t mean that you are addicted. And yes, I agree that there is only one step to addiction. I’ve been gambling for more than five years on and I know the limit and I follow certain rules. Luckily, I’ve been able to create my own technique, and I earned a lot of money. It may be hard to believe, but this can be a very profitable experience without any harm to yourself.

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Actually, I think it is true, not all gamblers are addicted to it. For example, my cousin plays since 2010, He has a family, a good job, everything like in normal families. But sometimes he just can visit a gambling website and play blackjack or poker. He says he is not addicted because he controls the situation. For example, when he decides to play, he put a sum of money on his gambling account and is looking at that money as he already lost it, after he loses it all he just closes his laptop and that is all. But now he made a break because he searches for a better place to gamble on

I think gambling is a habit like any other that can turn addictive depending on many other factors. We have what can be called social drinkers and we have alcoholics. A social drinker can take a few beers with friends and go home for dinner. An alcoholic will not stop until he is thrown out.
There are guys who will use a few coins to gamble on sato and others who end up taking loans to do the same.
Gambling ended the marriage of a neighbor because the guy incurred so many debts they had to sell the house

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Either way, gambling is a lose lose situation…