Innocent man sent to jail for rape by his own fiancé | 60 Minutes Australia

Watching this over breakfast has really got me thinking. If this happened to me, I don’t know how Id view women. Saddens me a lot.
Just boils down to one rule, staying with a woman is like sleeping with a python. Looks all cool and non poisonous until one day it chokes the life out of you. Sad… sana… and oh one thing… you need a hidden camera in your house. I know a guy in my last neighborhood who was accused of rape by another neighbor who hanged out at his house until another guy in a different block said she did the same and just like that she was discredited. Naona nikiweka hidden cameras kwangu.

You do not need a secret camera, just avoid living with a python!!

Am just saying even those small sessions need a camera… you never know!

Putting a camera in your house is already an indication that your relationship is shit. Wachaneni.

Ama usikaribushe strange characters to your home? My home is a sacred place where only family and close knit friends are allowed. Kungurus wanalimwa secret lokeshen.

But sasa this was not a kunguru, alikuwa fiancé that accused him

Cameras husaidia. Remember what almost happened to Neymar? If not for the camera he had set up sai hii ndio ingekuwa situation yake

Weka CCTV na all messages and call s save them on the cloud, false allegations can ruin your life in this gynocracy we live in

Damn, situation kama hio mimi sijui. As the way mtu amesema hapo juu kama you need to putcameras in your house because of your patrner then its time umwachane.


@master Yoda my broda you have gone thru enough shit in the hands of womens to last 2 lifetimes. Na kwani buda hawa chokoraa huwa unaokota wapi:D:D:D

Trust me… they all look promising when you meet them.

Hizo ujinga hakuna Kenya