Initiation Camp

I have a candidate sitting KCPE in few days. It is that time of initiation camps this holiday. So yesterday we had a meeting for parents who have registered their children in one of the camps this Nyairofi. One parent insisted that his son must be ‘cut’ with a ngwati. Organiser told him of a case they had of a boy who was ngwatied on request by his dad but the boy came back to request doctors to remove the thing eti girls are actually avoiding him due to it.
Is this part really necessary? Why would a full grown man request his son be cut with such? Anyway may be the men know better.

Atakuwa fundamti bila ngwati

Mimi nilitairishwa ki-maasai so ngwats ni lazima, my son doesn’t have one juu he was cut when he was 8 days old. If you want to do him a favor, let him undergo Pearling or genital beading, he will always thank you silently later in life.

Apelekwe Nairobi River at 3am hio kitu ikuwe numb naturally, hapana tambua injections

Mrs Gashui kama Gashui hana Ngwati kuja uonje utamu wake,as they say " The proof of the pudding is in the eating"

Kwani huna bwana? Wacha bwanako ayashugulikie haya maneno. @gashwin log out of ktalk, attend to your son

io kitu inaitwa Ngwati lazima ikuwe for maximum pleasure my fren

Hehehee. This is interesting. Kumbe mko wengi?

Tulienda na yeye

Women taking their sons for circumscion? Where is @gaswhin? This is purely mentalk. Wanawake tukae kando.

Ama ulikuwa unatala tu kujua akina nani wako nayo.? :smiley:

Sijasema hana. So, relax. I thought that was a kitambo thing. Haven’t things changed?

Sasa if a son asks later in life why do I have this ngwati thing, will you say ‘I did it for your sexual enjoyment?’ Gosh. What is a ngwati anyway? Pics?

Tulienda na yeye.

It is not in a mother’s place to be involved in such things. But what do I know. Times have changed

That was a mistake. Abomination even.

My point exactly. How do you even explain it is felt sweeter while in this position,

This isis exactly why you should not get involved

Hi @mayekeke

The room had a lot of women my fren. I was in the right place, at right time