Inherited property

What should one do with a house that you’ve inherited jointly with a sibling? Sell and split proceeds?
Rent it out and split rental income?

As long as it’s making money keep it in the family and use it to create wealth…

Sell and split the proceeds. Never mix business with family. Then each can buy or build their own house and run it in whichever way they see fit.

First things whose names are on the title deed? if both of you…then rent it out and use your bit to break off and invest in your individual properties. But do not sell if the title issue is not cleared.

Property is v good money.

My concerns exactly…when you factor in future spouses and kids

Kindly elaborate on how to best use it as an investment tool?

I think spouses are limited to what you built/acquired together but i am not sure… @dingoo_wa_ingoo kuja kiasi.

Mimi sipendi vitu za kushare man… zu kuwa tu ufala

Use the proceeds from the house to invest in passive income ideas/options. But make sure it’s in writing because ppl will always change their mind. If you decide to sell the house the likelyhood of you spending the money on unnecessary things is very high.

Agree to sell it then do a valuation of the property through a shady valuer (he should set the value quite low and affordable to you) … tafuta loan and then reacquire it anonymously through a lawyer

This will blowup on his face…

Buy it from your sibling.

I forgot to mention that the said property was constructed with the intention of putting up a 5 strorey flat but only the ground floor has been constructed at 60%

So we’re torn between selling the place and each purchase our own residential property and use the rest of the money in diversified investments (stocks) or hold on to it and later take up a construction loan to finish the flat

Why don’t you guys exercise patience until the market picks up again?

Nunua share ya bro wako kwa hiyo nyumba, or uuzie yeye share yako. Alternative ni kuuzia outsider then you buy somewhere else. Bora msizozane, na pesa msikule, mnunue shamba zengine mbili separate

kama nyinyi ni waislamu you can contribute a certain amount monthly muendeleze mjengo pole pole. thts the best idea.

Tricky sana. Akimlipa share yake alafu huyo bro ateseke later on life, ata change story aseme alidanganywa na his own brother. Na aanze ku demand inheritance mara ya pili.

If you want peace, sell your share and go separate ways with your bro financially.

So you advise selling later on