Infographic: Check Your Bias

If you’re unwilling to change your point of view and believe you’re justified in doing so, kindly identify your bias in the infographic below and see how you can deal with it. The arrogance of many Jubilee supporters in rejecting the supreme court’s ruling is almost infantile. Most of you have no idea how a courtroom works and you think you have what it takes to analyze evidence. There is a reason why it’s referred to as a legal ‘process’. If a single thing is wrong with the process the weight of the evidence doesn’t matter and there is good reason for that because if the process is compromised the evidence becomes unreliable. Can we just go back and vote without riling each other up and undermining the country’s last solution.


Steelo umepotea wapi omwami

Nimekua tu nikiangalia vita kwa umbali

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Blind-spot bias. Guilty as charged. Sionangi weakness zangu 99% of the time. I also stereotype by assuming all dim-eyed orangutans are stone-throwing cromagnons. Sorry

This is deep stuff

yako ni over-confidence…

you missed one very important village trait