Infinix X507 Quadcore Dual sim 16GB Rom

Hi buddies,has anyone this device on Jumia going for 6,999.i mean why is it so cheap bt it looks like a monster device
na nikiangalia other Infinix devices they are abit pricey.or did this one got remixed by ching ching…kama kuna nigga inatumia hii simu tupatie maoni,it looks like a nice catch

Its fake. If you want to know an original android smartphone just go to google and type the phone make nd model followed by the word “specs” eg this infinix just go to google and search “infinix 507 specs”. The first site that should cum up is “” this is the official site for all original android smartphone. If its not in gsm arena then boss unanunua ching chong.

nini hii?!?!

chaf is expensive… sijawi trust infinix

hiyo compe ni muhimu

@Hash tag. actually not all devices appear on gsmarena… ive seen a number of other devices (though not available in kenya) tht are original en very strong.

For that money, I say go for it. Any smartphone in that price range, whether Samsung or huawei is still rubbish. So if you going to have rubbish, get the high performance shit

I don’t trust that infinix. Lemme remain with known and established brands. #Xperiablood.

kwendeni uko…you guys fear change…mumezoea the bullshit big brands that often fail…I am using the hot x507 and it is super good. I can’t compare with the Samsung, sony and Huawei I have used before.
the device is cheap because infinix wants to penetrate the African market. its just part of their crazy marketing device.
Infonix phones are available in Safaricom shops and you know Safaricom don’t sell fake china phones…heko kwa Jumia

hii ni simu gani? :smiley:

@fishmonger. so it dosent heat up tuseme maybe unabrowse listening to music, torrentin,chatting all at the same time

typo…ni Infinix

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@snapdragon the phone is fine it doesn’t overheat. the processor is fast enough and the phone has enough Ram space to perform multiple functions simultaneously. Trying reading reviews from Jumia social media page.

^^^^thanks buddy i think ill go for it


Tafadhali post review yake after 3 months of heavy usage utuambie kama iko sawa bado

Experia z2 damu