Infidelity is the order of the day n honestly no one is safe..

There’s word going around show-
biz circles that celebrity power
couple Wahu and Nameless are
headed for a divorce.
According to a source close to the
couple, Wahu has been cheating
on Nameless with another man
and ever since he realised that,
the pain has become too much to
Nameless has been doubting the
father of their second child and
after a paternity test, his worst
fears were confirmed and he
thought it’s time to end it all.
The same source indicates that
Nameless has been a faithful man
and he doesn’t understand why
Wahu had to cheat on him with
another man. He is living in
bitterness and every-time he sees
the child born out of wedlock, the
pain becomes too much to bear.
Not that he hates the child but he
can’t come to terms with the fact
that Wahu decided to cheat on
him like a small baby.
Parents of the two legendary
celebrities have tried to solve the
matter in vain since Nameless
doesn’t want anything to do with
Wahu. We will keep our eyes on
this developing story.
Menawhile, Ogopa based singer,
Baby One, has expressed his
sorrow on this story but has
encouraged Nameless to soldier

It is time to release a song dedicated to the matter worldwide!