‘infantalisation’ of today’s adults

‘Our society is full of lost boys and girls hanging out at the edge of adulthood,’
‘If you read the newspapers, all you hear is that young people’s lives have never been as horrible as today — which basically requires historical amnesia, because that is not the case. Recession and economic depressions have happened across the past century but, in my generation, the important thing was that you struck out on your own — even if you faced serious economic hardships and you were broke all the time. Now people make excuses,’
the trend for adults to read books aimed at children and teenagers (such as Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Twilight), the popularity of cartoons such as the Simpsons, and the rise of adults playing computer games, are symptoms of this desire to escape adulthood.
‘People convince themselves that their immature behaviour is an attempt to become carefree, but it’s born out of fear.
‘We now have a culture in which people are frightened of what the future might hold and are terrified of taking risks.’
This can apply to leaving home — or even falling in love. ‘People now avoid or postpone thinking about making a commitment to others for fear they will get hurt,’

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uhh women talking about things they dont understand, ebu explain how something like this is targeted at children?
[SIZE=6]Generation who refuse to grow up: No mortgage. No marriage. No children. No career plan. Like so many 30-somethings, Marianne Power admits she’s one of them…[/SIZE]


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The article may have a small dose of truth. But it’s more about people, especially men, becoming more self oriented, more focused on their happiness and not becoming some mindless drone that produces more worker bees to uphold bloated governments and even more entitled masses.

To be fair, the pervasiveness of SJW collectivism, especially in the college & under demographic, is what concerns me.
And the obsession with equality of outcome also is a concerning issue…

However 3 quotes stand out to me here:

“Refusing to grow up: Those adults who do not acknowledge responsibilities like marriage, children and their career have been dubbed 'the Peter Pan generation”

In truth I find, our parents (especially 70s&80s babies) have no idea what the realities of living today are.
They could not survive if they were young adults in this day and age.
Economic realities and thus the social topography is different…

These other quotes also reveal what is going on here…

“a sizeable group of 25 to 40-year-olds who exist in a state of extended adolescence, avoiding the trappings of responsibility — marriage, mortgage, children — for as long as possible.”

"A recent report shows that the number of women getting married in their late 30s and 40s has almost doubled in the past decade.

"Of course, there is one decision that a woman — even of the Peter Pan variety — cannot put off for ever, and that is whether to have a child.

“For years, I was too busy working and having fun to even think about it — and now, even at 34, I have no idea if I want to be a mother. No maternal urges have kicked in yet and, besides, there is not exactly a line of suitors waiting at my door.

The OP’s father was clearly concerned about his daughter’s age and “the clock”.
The writer has spun this, with a little cleverness, to make it look like society isn’t growing up.
However, what it is looking like she really wants to say is that “men are not growing up & ‘manning’ up now to settle down with me”.

Because as she points out towards the end of the story, her single friends have been reducing in number.

These are the typical articles you’ll find in the dailymail. I don’t like articles from there because they’re heavily gynocentric. But sometimes the comment sections deliver a good laugh.

In truth, there is some infantilization, and she has, thinly, appreciated that her dad, & his generation, can’t understand our context.

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These SJW articles are a simple case of psychological projection… Infantilization is inherently human, no one wants to grow old… Most old people re-live their 20s… Old people also condemn young people for their misbehavior because they did it in their youth…

SJWs should stop projecting their insecurities to the general population. Enda ukaone therapist to sort out your issues… Stop generalizing… If you want children it’s all upto you… MAN up, ama nowadays its WOMAN up and get that baby… Weren’t judging…

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it’s fantasy for kids to escape reality

I’m fed up hearing about boy child is neglected or how there are no jobs or sijui nini when the issue is that men have become pathetic. You know what’s better than playing the same video game every year? Helping children go back and play sports to be healthy. Maybe help your neighborhood kids have a team that plays in the weekend

Mama you’re singing to the choir. Ktalk is a support group for Peter pans. Did you see how I was almost lynched for asking pple over 30 to stop playing video games among other immature behavior! Hawa hata uwalipe theyre allergic to maturity. If you’re looking for spouse afadhali uwe 5th wife of a much older man, you’ll do better with that one who is juggling 5 or more than this lot. This generation, don’t expect responsibility,men of this generation are status symbols, so that u can say you’re married. Otherwise not only are you on your own financialy,mentally n as a parent but now you’re saddled with a big baby whom you must take care of as an adult dependent. Alafu on top of tht theyre sexually irresponsible,have irresponsible baby mamas,HIV, alcoholisms even domestic violence.The ones Ive seen are abit responsible ni wale sio born Tao.

I’ve seen women whose husband do nothing. Infact they expect daily stipend from their wives. The same guy beats up the woman,drinks,is a manwhore mpaka they can’t have a female mbotch. This generation ladies are in deep shit, coz frankly women of your generation are more responsible. The thing is to avoid a partner who will be a dead weight! Nothing ruins a womans self-esteem like marriage to a broke,lazy man who feels he’s God’s gift to women inspite of the fact that he’s completely useless n worthless as a man except as a sperm donor. I completely agree with you. This generation there no adults. Many many women who were driven by emotions n dont weigh the man’s maturity are now their mothers. They buy them cars n give them pocket money.