India's Moon Mission

If its not a manned mission then india becomes the 5th nation to send a robotic probe to collect moon rocks

Hapo sawa. Alaf soon upate drumpf akianza fitina na India … hii khasia haipendi compe

That’s how you earn respect in the world Arena. Sio hii mambo ya globe-trotting with a begging bowl.
That will never earn you any respect.

ok,where the bladi hell is the video on the moon landing,letea sisi priss. hapa sasa nikunukisha kitunguu for poo poo stan folks,the rocks go for 50,800 ndorras per gram

Eeeeh mani! (c’mon) You can’t even google?

fokoff leta ile yako ume gugu ,blal poonder

sawa. do you feel good now?

si india wajenge choo kwanza before doing such … .