Indian movies

Indian action movies are the best…

only enjoyable when you’ve smoked some weed


Any movie hata soap:D

U jst want to steal our attention …Si kweli !!

movies inapaswa ikuwe one hour inakuwa ya three hours.
slow motion na nyimbo za kishenzi.

Siku hizi wamepunguza hio mambo ya nyimbo.

bado they still sing and dance even when they dying

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Action movies are shit lakini drama n thrillers ziko fine… Murder 2 and 3, life of a pie are some nice bollywood movies zenye hazina ushenzi mob za kuimba lakini the stories ziko fine

indian movies hua zina boooooooo
they are tooooo exaggerated for nothing

Documentaries Damu :slight_smile:

He he he he, kweli kijiji imebeba kila aina ya watu, mpaka kuna wenye wanawatch Indian Movies?

the only Indian movie i loved was 3 idiots…awesome

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3 idiots was the sh.t even wt the singing it was dope

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Sanjay Kapoor was the man…

Ndio hio sasa…

Slumdog millionaire anyday!

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pyaar impossible …lovey dovey but well executed.

For those wondering, the name of the film is Singham, and yes, it is excellent entertainment.

And to think Aamir Khan was 45 y.o when he played Rancho in 3 idiots

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