Incredible Process of Manufacturing Truck Engine Piston-Production of Truck Engine Piston

this is Jua Kali stuff on another level, though those piston can’t pass any standard platform, ISO to be specific. the metallurgy (aluminum alloy 2618 and 4032 are best suited for piston manufacturing) in this workshop is nonexistent, but hey, when we go for cheap car parts at muhindi shop, these are the products that we end up buying.
these pistons will destroy your engine within a very short time.

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Respect them panjeets though. Primitive artisanal skills that produce close to OEM parts as possible.

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i have most respect for them, with some serious investment from their fellow billionaires, these guys can make quality products at reasonable price.

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This is the same process that is used world over. The products may fail the test due to production issues such as safety and quality control, especially x-ray test on the cast products. Jua kali products is what keeps old-discontinued model cars on the road.

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Can you buy that for your car ?

Yes. The piston is mostly exposed to thermal shocks, which is why it is cast from alluminium.

We need such to kickstart our evolution to an industrial country

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We, the performance of any aluminum piston is dedicated by the alloy, that’s why top manufacturers use alloy 4032 or 2618 aluminum. I saw this guy’s melting motorcycle engine cover and all type of scrap, producing a very weak alloy to be used for components in an engine.
2nd, that’s low quality aluminum was used in casting, which has the lowest strength when if comes to engine components. Machined and forged components are highly preferred.
3rd, that mould was was made using an actual size piston, cooling shrinked it and machining shrink it much further.

such is most welcomed with a few fine tuning.

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How do you know that the material is low-quality aluminum? The piston head used to make the mold is a sample that is designed from the original piston plus a shrinkage factor plus a machining allowance. Have you ever been to a foundry shop?

That’s piston is made from scrap metal, there’s no way of telling the alloy and chemicals composition, i worked in an Aluminum extrusion company. We were dealing with alloy 6xxx.
I guarantee you, that piston isn’t even circular, just by how it was placed on that lathe.
What class of aluminum have you dealt with ?

Here are some alloys.

6063 AL

Common uses for 6063 AL include window frames, door frames, roofs, and sign frames since high strength is not the most important factor.

6061 AL

This alloy is used for stairs, ramps, and flooring due to its exceptional resistance to corrosion, weldability, machinability and strength. When it comes to structural applications, 6061 aluminum alloy angle is one of the most commonly used shapes.


The 6061-T6 alloy is used in applications where high strength to low weight ratios are critical such as the aircraft and aerospace industries . It is the way the base Aluminium 6061 is treated that give Aluminium 6061-T6 it particular characteristics.

What is the best aluminum alloy for pistons?

4032 aluminium
4032 aluminium is a wrought alloy product which offers superior service in both low and high-temperature. Motorsport applications for 4032 include racing pistons, engines components and chassis components.

Have you ever been to a FOUNDRY shop? Was your company working the aluminum on hot or cold extrusion?

Hot extrusion, as as asked you, what alloy class is that piston made from

I have no idea.

Yeap ! ! ! The integrity of that piston was compromised by the mixture of all those scrap metal. In a standard process, one should be able to trace the tensile test , chemical test, bend test… where applicable.