Incompetent Regulators

This thing is not safe. It is not fit to be on our roads. It should not have been allowed into our country. It seems anything less than 8 years is fit for our consumption, ata iwe mkebe.
Car age limits must be abolished, and all vehicles below 1500 cc banned from our roads

Kile nashangaa hata sio gari. Uless hizo ni empty zinauuzwa, ile 25,000 litres imesimama na stand ya 2-3inch pipe hapo mbele. Kama ni “water tower” itauwa mtu hivi karibuni.

Tuktuk new shape…

What make and model of car is this? Can a whole man go with this thing to his village and boast of having a car?

tupe statistic za ngari, then tell us why it’s unsafe based on facts, cognitive biasness ndio Kijiji haitambui .

Hii gari ata bila stats zozote you can see that in the event of even the slightest accident the occupants will be minced.

i hope hizo tanks zinauzwa na si za kuweka maji ? …

Hizo ni za kuuzwa na wewe

Apparently smart cars performs best in crash tests(though above is not a smart car). Unless umeingia chini ya trailer

Hiyo tuktuk hapo juu iko na hizo cabin crossmembers za smart car?

Btn this and a motocycle or a tuk tuk which one is safe