Incadescent bulb

Where can one get an incadescent buib that lasts for reasonable time. 50 days, two months etc instead of 2 days, 1 week etc. I know of the light bulb conspiracy story but I am tired of them burning every minute. Fluorescent tubes and bulbs have a very narrow spectrum that makes life look sad. I always use incadescent because their quality of light and rendition of colors is excellent. Advice on where to get reliable ones is appreciated.

I second you on that flourescent story. Their light is to harsh and industrial.

Phillips last longer than hizi zingine sijui illumatt na whatwhat.

How do you tell them apart.

Hehehe endea energy saver Supa

nini hii?!

i always thought there was something unsatifactory about the bulbs but i could not figure it out

If you mean those filament bulbs, they are on their way out of the market.There was a directive, i think from the energy ministry some time back to stop their importation.

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Ata mimi nataka kujua ni nini hio? Weka picha tafadhali tuone

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ata pia ma senior villagers awajui wacha pia mimi sijui iyo ni gani

Get genuine Phillips products and you’ll never be disappointed (they don’t come cheap though). I had same agony but after thorough research, I bought some that I use upto now. I marked the date of purchase on the bulbs to see how long they last and indeed they have delivered, the issue is that there are soooooo many counterfeits in the market:mad::mad:.

One has a orange warm colour while the other has a white or light yellow sometimes flickering light.

incandescent bulb not [SIZE=6]“Incadescent bulb”,
FYI incandescent bulb are ille[ATTACH=full]2877[/ATTACH] gal [/SIZE]

I buy phillips, but there seems to be an infinite variety of counterfeits. majority if not all cost 50 bob. I wouldnt mind paying more for better quality if I can get one.
I appreciate the corrections from grammar Nazis lakini najua mme-google #incandescent.

Aaaah kama ni hizo, usizinunue. Buy the energy saver ones. They are long lasting and the light is actually good…does not have that boring life feeling

all energy savers I have found or bought so far are fluorescent technology. No matter how bright, the quality of light and the redition of colour is poor for fluorescent.

To me light is light whether inatoka from fluorescent ama a fuel guzzling tungsten wire. Kuna mtu huko mashinani anatumia koroboi ‘mamoshi inaingia kwa macho na macho inatoa machozi’

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Koroboi, wood fireplace and paraffin lantern have very high quality light. wide spectrum. Dont be sold the idea that you shouldnt have good lighting because those who are encouraging you to use fluorescents dont even use them at all(Their mansions are lit by flamboyant 200/300 watt high quality incandescent bulbs imported from europe). 5 incadescent bulbs will cost you about 500/600 per month in power consumtion + 100 for replacements at worst.

I also thought light is light. Kumbe kuna good light na bad light…

Interesting…so the type of light can influence the quality of ive learnt something new.

@Ingia most bulbs kama hizo huchomeka when flipping the switch mostly. I use such in three areas in the house, kitchen,washroom,corridor. Last year alone I only replaced two, hapo iko sida na stima. Amautumie kama hii hapa down to make the place more lively.