inaitwa easter weekend

Am almost making it through alive but 30k poorer, naonelea ikujange once after 5 years kama elections… I rest my case

some people did not have fare to travel from kawangware to chiromo to look for their kin missing from garissa attack…same world, different worries


hehehe hesabu itapigwa kesho bado hujahesabu derailments za leo

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ulitumiaje iyo 30K?

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nadhani nikuyalipia madeni

we cant blame him for being a spendthrift,afterall it is his money.
He shld b grateful he has money to blow while some dont have cash to settle scores with their grieving souls.

The sad truth in life is life goes on even if I pass away, the next minute there will be someone having the time of his life. Its just life

kwani it was a ransom??

Kama ni pesa yako na uliifanyia kazi then hakuna shida.

ni kamari

Ehee, suprised ama bado watu hucheza

…The fool and his money are soon parted

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Almost funny such people 10-15 years will be beggars in the streets.
Invest while you can life has way of punishing us when we make mistakes.

Problem is most people in Kenya save what is left after spending. Infact, statistics show that 92% of Kenyans don’t save. I encourage you to form a habit of spending what is left after saving. For me, at times I can be broke. Not because I don’t have the physical cash but because the money for spending has almost ran out.

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Luckily for me i have spent a very broke Easter weekend.Had issues with my account my salo didn’t go through.Now when all you mofos are broke I haven’t even touched my salo.Anyone want a loan?

My family spent 42k visiting towns around mt. Kenya region. In the process, we got decoder orders/sales whose profits well exceed 60k.

Are those two or three birds killed with one stone?

Save for what. Spend so that another investor can make a sale. If we all saved who would invest

you work for the money to spend it…
atleast without spending that much labda hungepata raha

hata mimi nko around 50k from friday na bado sijarudi kwa kina pamba

Those are personal choices
Same somebody earns 20000gross salary want to be in those expensive restaurant and clubs every weekend