In This Era of Anticipatory Obituaries.............................

So I come to Ktalk unlogged and find out a certain member, let’s call ‘it’ NkathaJosephine (if you read the comments in The Star you know what I mean) has made 20 posts. Well, not my site, so what do I know?

But what if that were the @native son?

The hypocrisy of the owners of this site reminded me of Maraga, the mkora and his cabal of 100 judges.

Last year, when Nasa defied the courts and enforced a no-voting zone in Luo Nyanza he was quiet. When the same Nasa defied the High Court in Machakos and continued to hold its so-called people’s assemblies, he was quiet. When the same Nasa defied the Constitution and staged a mock swearing-in he was quiet. When Nasa politicians break the law in any manner his judges release them on 50K bonds, while hapless poor chicken thieves, bloggers and wife beaters are slapped with 500K bonds.

We MUST revisit the judiciary. For one, we must re-establish the ethnic composition of the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. THESE COURTS MUST REPRESENT THE FACE OF KENYA, WHICH is “Kikuyu 22%, Luhya 14%, Luo 13%, Kalenjin 12%, Kamba 11%, Kisii 6%, Meru 6%, other African 15%, non-African (Asian, European, and Arab) 1%” ( ).

For another, the JSC must be compelled to hear all outstanding petitions against any sitting judge.

Thirdly and lastly, Maraga and his cohorts MUST be made to decide whether they will serve the Republic of Kenya or not - as unelected officials, they cannot be allowed to perennially subvert all other arms of gavament under the guise of dispensing justice.

On his part, Uhuru Kenyatta must grow a spine and call these jokers’ bluff. Fact is, although our prejudiced media will not tell you, that the president has near universal support - in and out of Kenya - of any action he takes. Which is why nobody protested the closure of the rogue TVs, for instance beyond issuing innocuous and bland statements.

As I keep saying, Kenya is bigger than all of us; let’s rise up to the occasion to protect it.


@admin… because you are never objective kindly explain to me why the post above is still here yet you have deleted mine as inciteful.

I still remember maraga calling a press conf yelling to the media about jubilee just because they protested compromised decision made out of fake documents. what a partisan ‘saint’

And yes the CJ is behaving like as if anaishi binguni and that statement was made in Parliament by Jommo in relation to a stupid MP who thought he could spew nonesense because of immunity granted to MPs.


Another whining 101 lesson. Court orders are meant to be obeyed and we can’t negotiate about it. The executive arm is supposed to impliment the court orders. When Odinga and cohorts refuse to particiapte in elections, you expected maraga to hold a press conference to sooth them participate? How do you want the court do regarding the illegal people’s assembly? Arrest the ones participating? Oh pliss you old man, see things beyond your sycophantic small brains meffi

Kamwana is very soft and someone needs to remind him he’s the president, not an aspirant running against Tinga.

Umama, Feerings & Co.

Who are you to issue ultimatums to JSC and the Judiciary? You are just an old loser with a big mouth and nothing else…go ferk barmaids in Shamata or wherever you good for nothing faggot.

Early man @FieldMarshal CouchP , what about the public sector in general (read appointments). Are you not being selective like the CJ?

Don’t blow an artery son! We need you to vote for Baba in 2022!

where is the whiner in chief to complain about a visible tribalism aachane na imagined ones?

from past utterences of the admin currently in place ([SIZE=2]when he forgets that he is logged in with his admin handle[/SIZE]) he fully supports this message

Can one be granted anticipatory bail to avoid alcoblow…We must exploit these loopholes my friends

:D:D:D:D…coward of the county, why don’t you go and tell Maraga the shit you’ve posted here instead of issuing ultimatums behind your keyboard in an anonymous forum where nobody cares?

Anticipatory bail is for Nasa politicians. Wewe ni takataka mbele ya Maraga, which is why, incidentally, all of Omtata’s cases are heard in record time, and yours take years…

I called out the Judicially way back when they directed the government to pay teachers in total disregard of the country s economy. They were wrong then, and The president was wise enough to pull the rug by closing the schools, an unprecedented move that neutralized the crazy demands by the teachers, at least, long enough for sense to sprout in the Sosionis and like minds.
The biggest hindrance to progress I’m this nation are the courts. See, of the three arms of government, the courts can ground the other two, by a descion of a single magistate, let alone a Judge. When a single man, appointed, not even elected, can threaten to even subvert the legislature, which in fact creates the judicially, then we are in a very skimpy place. Today , a judge can cripple a whole ministry, by a stroke of a pen without hearing. Just issue the so called court order, and watch as the labour of so many cometee come to naught.
My take is , in the face of such a judicially, the executive have no choice but to cherry pick on the court orders. Ignore this rullings that are clearly political, and force change. If the courts are not tamed, they will usurp all other arms and be the defacto powers by injections.

Calm your deflated balls old degenerated man

I totally agree with you sir. I beats sense that a NON-ELECTED person can SINGLE-HANDEDLY countermand what 350 people - many of them lawyers - pass in Parliament.

One of the things this judiciary has gotten wrong is the issuance of ex-parte injunctions (stop orders). Yaani a contractor mobilises 20,000 workers, equipment and materials for SGR, all at a cost of billions of shillings, THEN Omtata rushes to court and HE’S GRANTED AN INJUNCTION! He is not even required to show that he can compensate you, the contractor, for the loses you’ll incur if the suit is heard and HE LOSES. You, the contrator, are left paying for hired heavy equipment and workers you are not using for weeks on end!

How can you run a country that way?

Unakuanga serious sana kwa comments zako.Wekanga ma jokes saa zingine tucheke.Wacha kua serious kila wakati.:smiley: