In - thing

I know its a sunday but God forgive; There’s a new experience in town niliskia Jana salon( well not exactly new);). Ladies r talking about it n those doing it are bragging bout it, the rest are wanting to try it out - squirting.
Help her do this.She will b greatly admired by all her friends.

Hii upus ilikuwa kwa Mharo na tukasema hatuitaki hapa.What has changed?


Ur right Frederick


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Who’s Frederick?

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Make google your friend. Search for ‘kachabali’ and/or ‘kunyaza’. Kazi kwako/kwake.

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OK sawa. kwazi kwetu.yeye namimi:)

Ask the one who DF’s you to google Kachabali or Katelelo

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una taka ku squirt na asshole ???


Ni nini Mbaya na wewe. Am not a man

OK. Pictures later

o_OWith such an attitude you can’t be a hero…

                  Where do you get that idea from?

i can help you squirt

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No thank you. Am already working on it

nashuku huyu @Nameberry1 ni @Di_ticha

We are not the same person not even related

U juz look like that name; u too harsh

ooh, I’m sorry, forgive me