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I thought Moses Kuria and Riggy G had promised that the dollar rate would fall to 85 shillings after the fuel deal with Saudi!

Which of their promises ever came true?

Riggy thuggy G thinks they have achieved 50% of their manifesto

The same one who thinks there’s 150 unga.

I said here long ago that Mombasa cannot thrive by doing the same thing over and over again.
There really has to be diversification. What about showcasing international tourism? Direct flights from let’s say London to Mombasa? Or Lagos to Mombasa? Fast-tracking blue economy? What about using KSL to diversify it’s production to yachts/speedboats/riverboats?
What about fast-tracking LAPSSET? And the SGR?

The truth is, if Tanzania finally wakes up on matters shipping, we are done. That’s a fight we can’t win if we are still bent on doing the normal.
As for Djibouti, that was also very much expected.

Anus lickers @sani @Titty Twister @Kennedy Maina @Berlin Oxford @Karoga @Kalenjin101 come lick some anus and sanitize it

Enyewe it takes a thief to catch a thief…JSK after kukuwa compensated na NLC pale Weston ameamua ku funga iyo mwanya