In response to that Obama banner

The one here on Ktalk…I am just going to share a photo of David Banner.



Yea…that banner needs to go


The KenyaTalk community would like to take this opportunity to welcome Obama.Karibu Kenya<----- WHAT IS THIS?

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pull that crap down, have some pride in self for f.ucks sake


and there was none when the bulletproofed sicilian was here

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Obama is not in kenyatalk.

In response I’d also like to share a photo of Bruce Banner


It will just be there for a few days anyway. Acha admin ajibambe.

Now that admin is looking for attention from Obama maniacs, Jibambe!!!Tutumie credo all the villagers so that this day maybe memorable

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Shida ya banner ni nini? How does it affect your experience?

@ol monk how did you resize my Bruce Banner? What sorcery is this?

Kissing ass level EXPERT!

Banner iko sawa ,if you don’t like it,just don’t look at it.

Hope you’ll hold the same opinion once there is one in 2017 congratulating the new president!!


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It was not necessary

Wivu itawamaliza yawa