In Quest of the Spotless Mind

By Stuart Wilde

When I get hit by the ghouls from the Inner Worlds, it creates a pain across my chest just under my collar bone. It makes me want to burp, but the burps are more painful than the chest pain, which can be excruciating. It’s pain focused in the heart chakra, and a hit can last 15 minutes and up to two hours at worse. It has made me very disciplined in my thinking, as I came to see which thoughts, sentiments, or actions brought in the ghouls and the pain. I went in search of the spotless mind for added protection. Below are my recommendations.

(1) Avoid danger in the street. I walked thorough a group of lads outside a pub on the sidewalk. I got hit by the degradation inside them, which was instant. I was too lazy to walk around them and avoid it, which was a lesson learnt.

(2) Be very careful of criticism and judgment. It’s ok not to like certain people but don’t be spiteful and never get angry, because the ghouls use your anger. It’s a runaway train through your heart for them.

(3) It’s ok to look at a stranger and admire their looks and fancy them, but be very careful you don’t perv’ over them, or attempt to ravish them mentally. It’s an infringement and it triggers the ghouls as it leans towards degradation and demonic possession.

(4) The fascist state is all around you with loads of fascist officials and hard people. Be careful you don’t allow yourself to feel victimized by it all, as that is what the ghouls want. They want humanity subjugated and paralyzed by fear. Blow love at the fascists; it will destroy them in the end.

(5) The pain of the animals can cause you immense pain. Blow love at them and try to be in nature with the trees, it helps a bit. Become a vegetarian if you are not already one. People are not aware of how much pain is in their body which comes from the animals. As a vegetarian, the pain is alleviated, as you avoid the torment of accumulated pain from slaughtered, innocent animals.

(6) If you are a conscious person with a kind heart and you are on the spiritual journey, you will be attacked by the ghouls day and night. They attempt to diminish your light and make you quit and go to their world. You have to accept that at present, but it will change eventually. The light-bearers of the world are a military force, and we’ve come to crush them. You may not see yourself in that way, but you can collapse a person walking past them in the supermarket. The power is getting stronger with every day that passes.

(7) Avoid the mainstream media, as they promote lies and control trips for the status quo, all of which can hurt your heart.

(8) The human shadow is coming out globally, and things are going dark. You can observe it and not get sucked in. Make your life as free as possible with as many options and as much mobility as possible. If you get cornered by your own restrictions, the pain will come more and more. Be free in any way that you can be free.

(9) When you get hit by black skewers coming in from the ghoul worlds, brush them off and spray or dab lavender on the spot; it should pass quite quickly.

(10)Police your mind rigorously, and don’t allow yourself to descend into emotion and convoluted thinking. Stand above it all as the observer of the world and of yourself. A calm develops gradually. Open your heart and trust. Embrace the tribe and go dancing, it will remind you what the world will look like when the fascists fall.

Go get checked for acid reflux,it might lead to H-pilori and other nasty conditions. You are too young to suffer from chest pains and hallucinations

Calm your mind and become an observer, you will notice your mind has it’s own screen saver.
Watch intently where it leads you, then question the result.

Repeat again and again until you realize something eerie about yourself, until then you are but asleep