in pursuit of happiness

will I find it here?

You will it in Uranus

sorry sir,I can’t engage an imbecile like you in an intellectual discourse

Sugar, spice, and everything nice
These were the ingredients chosen
To create the perfect little girls
But Professor Utonium accidentally
Added an extra ingredients to the concoction–
Chemical X… … RWNEBP

a vessel is known by sound whether it’s cracked or not,so men are proved by their speech, whether wise or foolish

drugs, sex, alcohol, travel, shopping, money. choose one, meffi

you can’t derive pure happiness from them,they are all vanities

@Demosthenes first know what your happiness is. What you are looking for is an aspect bestowed upon one by consciousness. It is mostly found within than without. My first direction is that you start with who you are and what you always feel is your calling.
Think of why you think you aren’t happy. Remember when you were happy and remember why.

Hapiness pamoja na niceness zinapimwa room 254 na kilo…jinga wewe

U are responsible for your own happiness.

it is true but I think people around me are also interconnected in my pursuit of happiness

I tend to think people around you, make u happy when u are growing up.
Once u reach adulthood, it becomes a matter of interests, you tend to associate with people whose interests, intersect with yours, and once these points of intersections, aren’t there, you lose people around you.

What is happiness?

the sense of wellbeing

Wow the weirdos that exist in this place.

are you one of them?

Food shelter clothes, make a nigga find some peace.

do you have 3K?

Isn’t that subjective?

The feeling you get after an orgasm.