In Praise of BBWs

[B]This is an appreciation thread in Praise of a Special BBW Class …

For lack of an appropriate term ,… they are often referred to as LHM [ … Lawd Have Mercy …]

This is Booty soo Good , it can bring tears to your Eyes …!![/B]






hehehe… LHM

Yeah Bro … Lawd Have Mercy …!!











My retinas have been cleaned.
Praise the Lord.



swafi tumesafishwa mecho

In this category also falls some Somali Ladies …

Waaaahhhh …!!!







Wako na paybill is support them

Title ya thread ungeifanya kuwa: ‘Safisha mecho, Bootyful efiyion.’

I meant edition.





Big ass = meffi mingi.

Strange Logic there …
What of Big P*ussy or Big Boobs …??

Big P= Bigger kids
Big boobs=more milk.

Holy Fucknuts

these will turn you religious from a heathen in 3.5weet lord seconds

Oohhh Yes Sir …!!