In other News ; Google Maps has a new feature that knows exactly where you've been

In the latest sign that technology knows us even better than we know ourselves, Google has unveiled Your Timeline; a feature in Maps that lets users look back on their movements in days gone by.

And it’s startlingly accurate – having full logs of exactly where you walked/drove/ran/moved on a certain day.
First things first before you get too alarmed though – the feature only works if you have opted-in to sharing your location with Google, and then use Google Maps on your phone on a regular basis. Days where you didn’t use Maps are predominantly blank. All the information you see is also only accessible to you (and Google), so you shouldn’t fear the world finding out your entire daily routine.

Google announced that the feature is still rolling out, but many users are already able to access it on Android and desktop.
As well as listing the places you’ve been, in some cases there are routes taken as well – in essence your entire day’s movements mapped out, as well as pinpointing all the various places you’ve been.

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Slowly being chained by technology & corporations… reminds of one series inaitwa continuum

iv just upgraded mine and the shiet is real… now those who spy on their wives shud start smilling[ATTACH=full]10178[/ATTACH]

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Wapi simu ya madame…

It should somehow integrate with desktop any other devices so that once your phone is stolen, you can follow the maafaka wherever he be


Can I get a Nokia 3310? Anywhere? In good useable condition.


is it the user only who can look back at where they have been?

unfortunately hata MiDCOM hawana .i believe in 10yrs to come that thing shud belong in a museum…ihave a motorola c133 but it has no battery its one of my collectibles

good question…

also on lumia,shit just got real[ATTACH=full]10181[/ATTACH]

remember to switch off data before going ‘out of town’ for that ‘business meeting’


and location services

iOS has had this feature for many years now. Phone user can opt in/out.

Its not a new feature. Bedn there for years. Watu ndio hawajui

It was already there kitambo. Been using it for years. It’s called Google Location History

You can find in dubai. They cost about 5000.

Google is known to have backdoors in it’s systems to allow governments to access this information, basically privacy doesn’t exist these days, how are you sure that the opt out capability actually prevents them from keeping track of you, or is it a cosmetic feature to keep the consumer happy and give them a false sense of security.

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Exactly. Your location is tracked whether you opt out or not. When you opt out, your simply telling them that you don’t want them to show you the info they already have about you…

@junkie nishawai kuona Zimmer

huko ndio mtaa,look for me on a weekend utembee na magoti