in money fight, nobody cares

Michelle Karume, granddaughter to the late billionaire politician Njenga Karume, is dead.

Michelle, 26, died in the US last Saturday days after penning a painful plea for funds from home to treat her cancer.
From her pleas for help, Michelle’s last days were spent in “excruciating pain” after lacking basic medicines such as painkillers.

just a simple sum from the billions ,nobody bothered to sent to her to at least seek medication that could have given her more days or probably years…Greed for money is on another level., even your blood doesn’t count.

In Kenya ,a will is just like and old book with notes,the lawyers will dispute and the successor will suffer waiting for lengthy legal battles which never ends.Law of succession need to be appealed for better future.

Njenga Karume was a foolish man who toiled all his life just to leave his wealth in the hands of strangers. His children will be slaves

Very sad… People should have a culture of giving.

Fanya vile handle yako inasema.


Wacha wakufe Karine was a cartel who rundown the coffee industry.

Why should the family benefit from stolen wealth?

This is the result of not including kids in your financial life early on. Zinakuliwa na wengine wewe ukifa.

Mapema mapema video yourself with lawyers present useme huyu anapata hii ba kadhalika na atakayesema huhu hapati hata thumuni… Unaonanga kama wa Nderitu Gachagua husema kitu?

He could never have included his kids because of this simple reason: he wants to raise good kids while doing bad things. so he will never involve them because the businesses are set up as conduits for one political issue or another.

when the patriach dies, the business dies with him because it wasn’t a business in the first place. it was a conduit. so the management is left grappling with what to do because mzee would make a call to friends to make things happen. management doesn’t have those kind of friends, and mzee never introduced his friends to his children.

so he leaves it in the hands of the trustees. the trustees see things in the business and realise hapa ni kunoma. we can fix it as we eat, but fixing it will erode the value. and if we don’t fix it, it will collapse in totality. so the children begin to fight. and as they fight, both trustees and kids lose focus. KRA comes calling, as does the county for rates, as does KPLC, as does the bank and every other hawkish institution.

camps are then formed, and it is this kid vs that one vs trustee vs this other kid vs the sister and even a family meeting resolves nothing. because all they ever really wanted was their share, and not to maintain the empire. but how could they care about its maintenance when they were never involved in the first place? Cut the baby in half and let us all become prodigal children.

Very sad , very very sad ! Sasa hiyo pesa yote the grandfather was accumulating ni ya nini ?

I thought US healthcare was the best? Hata painkillers?!

I’m also thinking the same thing. I have heard ati Americans nowadays even seek medical help in India and Mexico.

They have some of the best hospitals, top medics and all that but you better have money. Unlike some countries in Europe.
However, who is her mother among the wives:mad:
I keep preaching will, will, will ikiwa uko na pesa.

hata mimi nimeshangaa… land of the mighty and free… na anaomba msaada wa painkillers from Kenia?

Brilliant statement. Pewa crate baridi kwa local

US healthcare especially when it comes to cancer treatment is the very best in the world. Even Kirubi knows it and that’s why he goes to Harvard hospitals for treatment. The guy was two feet in the grave, now look at him!

asante :slight_smile: i’m taking two monsters on your tab

Afadhali uende India ama Turkey. Or Canada