In memory of Jimmy Wanderi.. a magazine feauture


In Memory of Jimmy Wanderi, founder Born 1971 - 2015 RIP

T.I.G inc has not yet established what killed Jimmy but investigations are under way.

Chances of Klist coming back are close to zero but TIG inc talked to Wanderi’s brother who told TIG inc that the Wanderi family is still contemplating on the matter bt for now they need time to mourn.

Close friends to Wanderi received the sad news via Jimmy’s Facebook wall. That is where the 1st news of his demise was received. The news later spread like wild fire on other socialmedia platforms. Kenyatalk admin relayed the news to his members through a big advert on the sites page. The news was also relayed by @Guru who claims to be a close friend to Wanderi. Some Klisters received the news via whatsapp and others like This is Gold a.k.a Jerry received the news via phone call, Sorry to say this but when T.IG received the call he was busy watching porn (ukweli usemwe)…he soon turned off the porn videos and turned to gospel music.

People are sick , news reaching me from idiots who i won’t mention are telling me that Wanderi had ukedi and that is why the family is reluctant to tell us what led to his death. Ok i cannot refute that claim bt please watu wangu (mnajijua) please stop speculating. Let the man RIP…kama ni ukedi well n good…ni kwa raha zake. Lakini some very confidential update a receiving is that he may have been suffering from Cancer. Dont worry T.I.G inc will get the details sooner than later.

See this one hiding from reality…and PS it was nt meant to be funny

And as a moderator, you should get rid of such shit.


wee si utulie kiherehere huku ni ktalk


Unpenda attention na ndlama kama socialite

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on a side note: when Fidel died many kukuyus(Akina @ Starks) made fun of his death in Klist but the kukuyu moderators did nuthin about it. I here am not making fun of Wanderi’s death but highlighting the truth and what every body wants to know lakini watu wanachukulia the wrong way. I repeat am not making fun, Who here does nt wanna know the cause of wanderi’s demise or the rumours doing rounds about the same. You know very well i am the voice of the people. so when i update about this story please dont read…RIP wanderi boy wetu wa pawa

You are lying and you know it. I thought klist died before Fidel.

NEWS FLASH: I came to learn of Fidel’s death Via Kenyanlist and @Starks and other mungiki goons were having a field day mocking the Odingas. Later on that day Klist went off air. Many klisters even thought The late Wanderi had taken the site down bcoz of the matusi involving Fidel. Ask around kama haujui vitu

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Ok, that may be true or not true.

But guess what? You cant Draw, and you cant write. That magazine is the most boring piece of shiet I have set my eyes upon in a very long time. Talk to TLS for design, and to Muchatha, M4, Atheist etc for the content. Or Just find something else to do.

If u noticed i didnt put much work on it. Ask around who was the magazine king in Klist and who introduced mags in klist. As i said my main reason 4 putting up the magazine above was for information and not entertainment. Gerrit u fuck face Fmr moderator that is feeling the pain since Klist is now DEAD…RIP

Still, you can’t write or design. If you were good then, you aren’t good now. Senility must be catching up with you.

Just stick to hating Klist and it’s admin and mods.

Aki hii ni Ex moderator missing the old Klist days where i would have been suspended a long time ago…Hohohohoh wake up and smell the coffee.No more Klist, no more upawa hengri and misuse of power.

What is your obsession with Klist? Ama una machungu vile nilisema how your misbehaviour led to the need for moderation? Be proud of that and move on. Get a life pls.

The more u talk about Moderation the more am convinced u are that one moderator i hated so much…and u are female ati unajifanya mwanaume hapa ndio tusikujuwe…Klist hairudi Ngooooooo…uta do?

I could be Supu for hells sake. How is that important? This isn’t klist, asshole.

Don’t think this is 2012 ati utanitisha. Nitakumaaaaaanda.

I’ll admit it, I’ll admit it the drama is getting hot… Lemme maje coffee nikae kwa stoll niwatch… @pamba bring me zile njugu unauzanga


Hii sio drama. Huu ni ujinga.

the more things change, the more they remain the same. you two shld get a room and get it over with. mtakimbishana kila forum hadi lini

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