In Memorium : Monica Celeste

Monique Odie Mbayo AKA Monica Celeste was a Dancer in Koffi Olomide’s Quartier Latin from 2001-2002 and later joined Wenge BCBG of JB Mpiana from 2002-2012.

Monica Celeste

Here she performs in a Live Concert with JB Mpiana “Bin Adam”.
Atalaku / Animator was Tutu Caludgi.


Dancers Marcation Francois , Nono Ba Diamante “Twingo” with Monica Celeste and Wenge Musica BCBG at a Live Concert , 22 September 2001 in Paris.
Atalaku / Animator : Toutu Caludgi.

She passed away on 21st June 2012 at Cander Hospital , Limete , Kinshasa , DRC.

Rest in Eternal Peace +++ :sob: :sob: :pray: :low_brightness:

JB Mpiana and Wenge BCBG at the Zenith Live “Titanic” Concert.

Dancers : Marcation Francois , Nono Ba Diamant “Twingo” , Monica Celeste and Julia Sukali.
Vocals: JB Mpiana , Alain Mpela “Afande”.
Atalaku / Animator : Toutou Caludji.