In Memorium : Mireille Konde Kashama "Mirayessa"

Mireille Konde Kashama “Mirayessa” was a second generation line up Dancer in the Quartire Latin Band of “Mopao Mokonzi” Koffi Olomide.


She featured prominently in the Live “Ultimatum” Concert and Clips shot at Safari Park Hotel , Kasarani , Nairobi in 1997.


Sadly , She passed away on 22 March 2002 due to complications while giving birth to her second child.

Song : “Dessine Anime”
Mireille Konde Kashama “Mirayessa” with Koffi Olomide , Miette Shegue , “Maman Ministre” Fifi Miss Yolo and Zinah Bilaho.

Gone so soon but forever in our hearts
RIP “Mirayessa” … +++ :sob: :sob: :pray: :pray: :low_brightness: :low_brightness:

Hauna focused photos ni nyonge

Go and watch the “Ultimatum” Concert clips …


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She was an excellent Dancer and a really cool , friendly individual…

I actually met her at the Hotel Pool Bar in between Concerts and Filming …

Koffi made sure the ladies were well chaperoned by security.

I now see why teachers prohibited us from listening to ndombolo ati ni dirty music kumbe ni the soft meat moves

Nothing dirty about “Ndombolo” …

Except for a time it was banned in the DRC by President Laurent Kabila (RIP) because apparently it simulated the way he walked with a limp …

In Memory of Mireille Konde Kashama “Mirayessa”

Rest in Eternal Peace:sob::sob::pray::sparkles::sparkles: