In Islam Hakuna Dating ? wtf

A former muslim classmate told me that after she failed to get a man in kenya , she went to online dating sites and met an 11 year older mzungu muslim man from some funny country , sijui inaitwa ubezkhistan , khazakstan or tajikistan . They’ve spoken for maximum 6 months online and they met only once in real life .

This is the guy’s second marriage . ghel amekaribia thate yrs . they have already planned a wedding in a months time . The ghel will drop out of a big course aende to the guy’s country , visa passport imetoka … what are your thoughts…

ivo ndio mwanamke anafaa kuwa submissive …the muslim women know their place…very loyal kind…hawa wetu na empowerment ni shida tupu

Before marrying ppl should date for atleast 2 years ndio mjue your real characters , ama namna gani my fren … si 4 months

10 years age difference ni kidogo. Its like a 30 y old man marrying a 20y girl. Hapa sioni shida.

What you mean is no fornication in Islam !

after P2 was made in the sixties , fornication became normalised in every religion … b4 1960 you f**ked someone at your own risk

I was just pointing out the word he aught to have used. Dating(with no pre-marital sex or any form of intimacy) is allowed in every religion I suppose, and I think they term it cortship. Fornication has become a great anemy of spirituallity in every religion the world has, especially amongst the youth-bracket.

Hao jamaa wa Uzbekistan uvuta fegi sana. Seasoned chain smokers. Their houses just smell of smoke.

muslim women portray very conservative & religious lifestyles , am sure deep down they hate their men’s chain-smoking behaviour …

So you mean they don’t sex?

Does she intend to marry a kid

@Guy Next dooe

2 years and a big wedding then your realize your best man was eating her all along… Shika MTU, know her… Weka mimba… 4 months Max

:D:D:D villagers and $€X

Fornication doesnt affect religion. If you dont know how to fornicate well dont bother those that do.

Whether you date for 3 months or 4 years, her true colours will only show after she has secured her position through marriage.

they have sex in the bottom

Marriage is basically political. You can either be dictatorial or democratic. I think the latter is wiser given that the woman earns her keep and can wreck your life by divorce. I learnt the art of diplomacy and the subtle art of mind games. You have to make major concessions. The era of Simba wa nyumba is over, stop living in the past time paradise.

They sex kwanza ile serious.Being a virgin is a big deal to them before marriage.Dem anaeza kuwa anakufeel na hataki kuku disappoint coz hajakupea pussy.So atakupea anal ndio a preserve integrity ya pussy for her Muslim husband to be.