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Guys are preparing themselves for eventual fall out come 2022…
See number 3 of the following police report

Nandi County,
Nandi South Sub County,
Kobujoi Police Station.
On the nights of 16/17/4/2019 at unknown time,three G3 rifles each loaded with 20 rounds of 7.62 mm were stolen from the armoury at the AP camp in KAMERON within Nandi South Sub County.The post was under the command of Cpl.Rogers Masiwa.DCI team led by DCIO Nandi East C.I Wasilwa Mukhisa recovered the rifles as follows:

(1)G3 S/NO.91879.
This rifle was recovered today at about 2.00 am in Magut area in Uasin Gishu near Moi Barracks.It was intact with 20 rds of 7.62 mm ammos.It had been buried in the abadoned house of Gladys Charo a Taita f/a aged 40 yrs.The other key suspect is called Fredrick Kamisi luhyia m/a aged 30yrs.It was wrapped in polythane bag.Both are in police custody.

(2) G3 S/NO.77095029.
It was recovered today at about 4.00 am at Musasa area in Nandi South Sub County buried in the Shamba of one Martin Esambere a luhyia m/a aged 33yrs which was brought to him by one Stephen Kimaiyo a nandi m/a aged 37 yrs.It was wrapped in polythene paper.There was no magazine or ammos.Both are in police custody.

(3) G3 S/NO.77094458.
This was recovered today at about 10.00 am in Yamumbi area within Langas in Kapseret Sub County within uasin gishu county.It was wrapped in polythene bag.Also recovered was one magazine loaded with 15 rds of 7.62 mm ammos.It was recovered in the maize farm of one Stephen Njoroge a kikuyu m/a aged 44 yrs.It was brought to him by one Josphat Higa Kinyanjui a kikuyu m/a aged 47 yrs who bought it from Fredrick Kamisi at Shs.10,000 in prepartion for 2022 elections.The 3 suspects are all in custody.
Efforts are underway in getting all persons involved in this theft.Further progress report to follow. Case P.B.C.
Source: Definitely not MMNN

Wapi picha za hizo midget 3, hii source yako iko na hizo picha.

Hamna afande.

Enda moderncop facebook.

Does it still exist?

Yes,Modern Kenyan Corps facebook.

Ofisa kiuliso how did you.manage for those 3-4 month that ulikuwa away. Ama ulikuwa posted Boni forest na threat ya Alshabab scared you ukilog in. Mimi a day Siwes.

Kuna mtu atarudi pale Hague.

chief armourer wa AP, Joseph maritim was caught with six guns and 10,000 ammunition in the year 2009. what happened to him? was he charged in court??? Hague is watching this time.

Mnachukua kura za watu na mnawaruka dakika ya mwisho. Mtakoma

Kimaiyo pia ameamua liwe liwalo

Nilikuwa nimeenda kutafuta ugali quality na quantity nimefaulu.

Wabeberu walikuwa na the whole British army ,Homeguards , airplane bombers , sniffer dogs na pesa , na walihangaishwa hio miaka yote …

Ooh yes MMNN is reliable

Why should i rely om mmnn kama mimi ndio source?

Jaribuni ujinga mtakipata! Hatuuziwi uoga!

Nivutishe form ofisa hii mwaka lazima nipige ufukara teke.

Have you even read the posting ama umekimbia kucomment? Who is arming himself/herself?

People have been silently arming themselves with guns for a very long time. In this case, ufala ni kununua “binduki” ya polisi.