Impressive maendeleo in Obama's Chicago. I think I was really wrong about Biden.

[SIZE=5]Things have really changed and improved in Obama’s Chicago since he became prezzo and soon after. Jobs everywhere, clean streets, no drugs etc Obama is a real leader. Change we can believe in. I am so impressed. After reading these eye openers below, I’m starting to see why so many of you especially njaruos love the DNC so much :[/SIZE]

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[SIZE=5]Doing so much for the black community.[/SIZE]

Obama was a Senator of Chicago. Not a Governor. The person who can make real changes are Governors because they are in charge of local administration. Senators are there to make Federal Laws. Most of their time is spent in Washington.

Your preoccupation with Obama is pathological. The man left power in 2016 for Heaven’s sake. Why don’t you focus instead on the “error” of your hero Trump . The man that has such low regard for your kind, he considered their votes null and sought to throw them out


Trump has been president for four years… ruined the economy, caused insurrection, and doomed millions into poverty. Stop being an idiot and think logicaly for once

Ruined what economy? Should get your facts right.

@T.Vercetti ndio jane mugo wa ktalk,he fishes out cold cases.woe unto you kama ulimention kitu 2015 out of context,jane mugo will use it against you:D

Negro please consuming right-wing news is like masturbating to your own ass… get your facts right trump is the worst president ever to hold that office


Obama refused to leave Washington so he could personally undermine Trump through activism. This has never been seen in U.S history, a former president staying on in Washington.

The fake news doesn’t tell you that. Obama was coordinating the White House staff and telling them not to do what Trump orders them to do. Google it. It has come to light.

When Trump went on foreign visits, Obama would send John Kerry in toe with a counter offer to world leaders to undermine the president. Why do you think Trump had to fire so many people all the time???

Trump was commanding them to do one thing but Obama calls them at night and tells them to ignore those directives and that they are protected by law.

In 2020 we even saw Obama personally campaigning like a candidate on behalf of Biden something that has never been seen in U.S history done by a former president. Till the very last minute Obama was directing his own white house staff and you saw it in the handover. That is why Trump left because he wasn’t really needed!

Obama ordered social media to shut down on Trump a SEATING PRESIDENT ! This has come to light. INTERFERENCE.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Even dictator Moi never undermined or interfered with Kibaki’s affairs nor does Kibaki interfere with Uhuruto affairs. This was a coup pure and simple.

Now you can proceed with ignoring the chaos in Chicago.

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you are literally admitting that trump is incapable of controlling his own people…:confused:

Washington Post? Hata nimeachia hapo

Either way,yunares steits went back to the days of civil war ,what a legacy to leave behind,trumpo’s grankids will never hear the short of it “granpa fukced up”.Never has a one term president left office in such kerfuffle since The red hunter a.k.a slick rick ,a rep as well. Economy grows exponentialy,yes trumps’s beat obama’s but bush’s wasnt that great neither was clinton’s so mathematically speaking,biden’s will beat trump’s for sure and so on

Educate @slevyn the part on economy

Blah blah blah ndio hatutaki. Even here in Kenya when things are wrong in Nyanza the first person to look at is Raila because he is the kingpin of that region. The same with Uhuru’s Kiambu/Gatundu, Moi’s Baringo or even Kibaki’s Nyeri/Othaya political backyard.

In the U.S if things were going off the rails in Texas we would look at George Bush or Bush family ergo Chicago is a good example of Obama’s failing grassroot politics and leadership style. Because the local leadership in Chicago answers solely to Obama.

Hebu soma hio comment yangu hapo juu ndio uelewe who was interefering with and rewriting Trump’s legacy.

orange nigga inherited a thriving economy, all he had to do was sit back. but that corona fuck up means Americans are poorer today

In a Democracy it is very easy for an incumbent president to even overthrow the govt of the president elect because the staff still obey him or her. That is why you are told to hand over and go away.

For instance before leaving office Obama ordered FBI Chief Comey to investigate the President on made up Russia allegations based on the fake Steele dossier and Comey happily agreed to undermine the president elect!

So this coup started from day 1. A former U.S president is supposed to retire and leave Washington in good faith… Obama instead set up his own shadow cabinet in Washington under the guise ati his daughters have to finish school. Now we can see the whole picture.

You’re funny, govt data is available for you to look at.

show me…

They are available, you can look for them and study them

Surely can’t you see that corona was part of the conspiracy? It was unleashed in the election year of 2020 to undermine Trump’s economic progress.

Even a child can connect the dots. Covid 19 was very much a part of the coup together with killing Floyd and the riots that soon followed.

Clinton did the same in 1992 with the L.A riots that made Bush a one term President. From the violent 1960s riots Democrats learnt how to work riots to remove the incumbent.

When you see activist fellows like MLK being assassinated why don’t you ask yourself WHY???

It is simply because the govt of the day knew what these socialists were really upto. They were using people power to forment a coup.

Hata Obama who is an activist asifikirie ati hajulikani.