Impressive car shades

New design Car car sunshade Window Foils Windshield sun cover All car Window Sunshade 400cm * 210cm * 25 cm size free shipping
(from AliExpress Android)

Hapa utaibiwa tu unless you park it kwako

For slay cars…otherwise zetu peasants ukihappen kuitumia Sat/Sunday saa nane ndio utatambua.

kikuyus will kill us one day…literally

Seems practicable but the cost does not squeal, just that the normal metal ones works way better and more durable.

Seems a bit over the top.

What the hell is this??? Wasap mko chini sana. Kama gari ni homo haiwesskuwa straight hata ufanye nini.

Haha I see what you’ve done there :slight_smile:

I was thinking, we can copy them and make them locally ki-juakali, using the more colourfully beautiful Maasai shukas. What do you think?



With all that money put in to "Beautify"the car, the resale value is so low coz only very very few people would buy such a " modified "car!


Nani amekwambia inauzwa?

Was it on sale?

What happened hapa?

car wash

Your comment presumed the need or urge to sell on the part of the owner. How else would you have referred to resale value? The owner never wrote a letter to you asking for your opinion on his car’s resale value. It was never broadcasted on TV or radio that the owner would wish to sell the car at some point. No newspaper cuttings were brought forward indicating a looming sale. The owner’s neighbours had not rumoured that the car might be sold. The owner’s wife never pointed out to you that the car might be sold. So my question is simple; how did you come to decide that an opinion on the resale value was required. Unless you are just a KNOW-IT-ALL BUSYBODY.

na wewe… Umeumwa sana. Kwani ni yako? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Carwash ya maziwa?

Mwenye premio hapo juu detected and he is not amused :D:D