Importing from Aliexpress to Kenya, through Mpost

I hope the below will help someone,

What you need,
1: Ali-Express Account, Register here,
2: Prepaid Card-Visa/MasterCard, (Equity or KCP Pepea-They can be found mostly in the town branches and top up is via Mpesa, they are free)
3: M-Posta Address, Register here, or dial 89090#-It will cost you 300 Per Annum, and Payment is Via Mpesa(You will receive a confirmation text with your address eg-0722123456-00100)

Input Your Address on Aliexpress as the below,


Visit Aliexpress and look for the products you need,

You will have to Track your order through the app or web (Arrival at the delivery office will be the final status), hence you can pick your item at the postal code you provided,

Below is my shipment, products arrived within 14 days and there were as described,




1: Ensure that the item you purchase at Aliexpess is covered under buyer protection.
2: Before you make an order, look at the seller’s ratings and customer reviews. Good sellers have good ratings and generally positive reviews. These are more likely to deliver the correct item in good time and good condition.
3: Use their mobile app, there are more discounts there.

custom/excise tax ilikua ngapi relative to the cost of the product , percentage wise ??

I didn’t pay any customs duty as it was a small package,

Is this Mpost operated by Posta? Is it the same thing as enjiwa?

Ninjas just asked me for about 2K to renew my virtual box, yet when I signed up last year it was I think 600 bob or something. Wananishow ati hiyo ilikua offer [emoji27] [ATTACH=full]197714[/ATTACH]

Mpost is a solution offered by Posta, Mambo ya e-njiwa i aint sure

@kaki86 thanks a lot…
This by far is the most sensible post have seen in the village, hii umama yote hua inaendelea hapa deserves a moment or 2 of sanity…
2 thumbs up…

postage option, did you use the free china post packet small plus
or the chargeable china post airmail…

I used the free AliExpress standard shipping option,

Hii system Ni poa sana. I’ve bought a screen for replacement ya simu. Na ilifika poa. Sikulipia tax.

From what I gather, this should work with any retailer, not just AliExpress. Am I right?

I am not sure about that, I have only used AliExpress, haven’t tried other retailers,

[ATTACH=full]197836[/ATTACH] i thought i read something different.My bad:D:D:D:D:D:D

Each vendor under aliexpress will usually have different shipping options.

small parcels hazina his maneno.

Na item ikiwa Kenya you can track it on the Posta Kenya website till it gets to your stated address.

thank you OP for the great post. Very helpful indeed.Question though, what is the limit of a non taxable item/items shipping via posta?do you get any alert or how do you know the weight or package size that is not taxed?can you do it repetitively?

A pair is shoe? Is it small enough?

You will have to visit the post office at the time of pick up, if there is tax, you will be informed,
So far i havent paid any tax,
With regards to what is taxable and not, no one seems to have an idea from the previous posts, its a gamble the worst case is that youll have to pay about 30% to the taxman

Thanks well noted.

If you get a white slip, you safe, you get a yellow slip, KRA needs to talk.

Well, this is Kenya, hope you get my point. [SIZE=1]Some staff take tea.[/SIZE]
You can ask the seller to declare a very low value, unfortunately, Posta looks at the size of the package. The declared low value will be helpful in the event you to pay tax.
KRA has improved, you can pay taxes via Mpesa, before, you had to get a slip, go queue at the bank, get back, get clearance then have your item.

This is way too big to escape tax. Stuff like modems, flash disk don’t attract taxes because of the size. I once escaped paying tax on a decoder (Qsat) because seller had marked it “commercial” sample.