Importing fertiliser

Wadau mnipe link ya ku import Urea. I’m looking at 20 tonnes container for a start.

Enda Bayer ndio mabazu

Kijana chunga kartel wasiuwe wewe. Kama unataka import from ug.

isiwe unaunda truck mbomb mse. Kimerus boys are watching

Bayer livekusen


Not in Kenya, fertilizer ina wenyewe! Thats why a bag of DAP costs about 3000 bob in Kenya and the same goes for 1700 in Uganda despite higher transportation costs.
It’s much easier smuggling from Uganda or Tanzania than importing legally into the country

Rather make locally

you competition brings in a whole damn ship,you can’t compete with that.

Smuggle from uganda per bag utasave 1300

@Ugly Warthog did you succeed? Kindly update us if you have made any headway

Kijana umeanza kuwa gaidi

I lost my money to Nigerian scammers who’ve opened websites that purport to be those of real existing companies dealing with agricultural stuff. I’ve already gone to Interpol to file a formal complaint.

Pole @Ugly Warthog. So when you posted this thread you were in the midst of being shafted? How did they play the con? Kindly educate as so that we also dont become victims

He was warned by elders apa not to bother with the business but alifunzwa na ulimwengu.Commodity trading in kenya is cartel controlled.How the conmen do it?Ask mimi humwanga ndani thats his forte, the conning cartel is multinational spanning from kilimani to Dubai to Singapore.some of them are very senior gov officials and politicians.I once was also almost a victim I luckily walked away at the nick of time.