Importing electronics

Hey guys, I would like to import some electronics from china…where do i even begin?

I have tried googling na nimeshindwa. Here is what I mostly need to know:

Can I go directly to a factory ama I have to use a third party? Help with links please

for now that is what I mostly need to know


You don’t have to go directly to the factory, enda and strike a deal with one of the trade managers

kama si 20Ft container and above you don’t have to go to the factory,its not economical. you can use someone like me to verify the company first then mkimalizana nikuletee hadi nairobi at an affordable price, as you cheki maneno.
by the way siku hizi kuna wakora wengi sana china

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How much per CBM?

Nipate hapa tuongee mengi
[email protected]

hehehe >>>>>eti [email protected]

What kind of electronics do you wanna import @The.Black.Templar ?


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za kueka kwa kabike :smiley:


OK…with that just go to

I am trying to get a quotation from there…and if it becomes problematic will drop @Okiya an email.

btn 32-40k

I have 12-15 CBM that I expect to be shipped around first week of August. Can you do it at 25K?

Kama uko serious email me.

hiyo bei ama wacha tu…hehe.

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Watu ni kuelewana.

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now on a serious note, mzigo iko city ngani nione ile best price naweza kupatia.

Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

I will give you best price of 33k per cbm and I will assure you that you will get your goods in exactly 30 days after they are delivered in our office in China.
kama utaweza hiyo, instruct your supplier to deliver the goods in Guangzhou. I will give you the address and contact person tukielewana