Importing car tyres

Hi guys. I have been shopping around for my car tyres 265/70/R16. Does it make economic sense to import from UK? Naskia kuna walalo you can buy online and give their UK office as shipping address then they bring them to Eastleigh for you. Anyone knows them? Bei ya BF Goodrich All Terrain locally is about 34k while in the UK its half of that. Sijui how much it will cost me landed in Nairobi. I am buying all 4 tyres.

Nunua gari ya 165/70 r13.

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I have a car that uses 215 /60/R17 - Chinese ni <8000 Grandtrek 23k… The latter lasts 2 years .The Chinese year Max that being said I can get 3 years off the same amount… Shipping itakula pesa because of their size and weight

Soft grippy or comfortable tires are expensive and wear faster. Cost of freight and tax for the tyres is more than you want to deal with.