Importing A Used Computer.

So I am planning on building a budget (peasant) gaming rig to enjoy some PIRATED video games.

Buy a used/prebuilt computer from reputable seller on Ebay and stick a good GPU on it and some additional RAM and I will be done.

My question is, what are the charges of importing a used computer in Kenya?

siutafute mtu kule dubai akununulie ka comp hapo sharja,buy two get one free,at throw away price then aisukume na salihia cargo at 540 per kilo na uletewe mlangoni kwako

So unasema hakuna tax ya kulipia nikinunua? only pay shipping which now has 5% from uae

Na ile min. ya 25kgs?

FYI rate ya dubai siku hizi ni $7 a kg.

Great words that have been bookmarked for ter use on the spot!

Next time try Google before posting

KRA FAQ’s-Question 7<<<


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Can you break it down for me in a way that is easy to understand. What is this 2025%?

kama uko na msee dubz,lazima anajua salihia,watakutumania hata a whole furniture set.25 kgs nikama unaenda nazo personally commercial

not sure .haven’t sent stuff since the 5%.Depends on who you send it with,there’s unscrupulous folks out there:D:D:D:D

Was informing you that that’s the new rate since May 2018…

Uko dubai wapi? Need to get some info

Am not in Dubai.