Importing a Motokaa

Hey talkers na wale wanaelewa hii maneno, I want to import a car and just want to get some advice in regards to the best genuine sites, the process involved, how long it takes to get it down to Mombasa, the clearing process at the port and how to get the car safely to Nairobi. Am looking at a Toyota preferably a manual shift with a low fuel consumption.

import gari na utafute clearing agent mzuri

vary the importing cost na bei ya gari enye iko huku already

trick iko kwa clearing agent akisinzia unakamuliwa pesa ajabu

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Trade carview is very reliable, they have an office in Town where you can go and they give you advice and even do the calculations for you…

…enda motor yard yeyote huko Mombasa. You view the car to your satisfaction, check all essentials.
Only difference with importing ni around 10k.

Don’t dare do that…those cars are most likely tampered with due to tamaa ya watu kutengeneza pesa.

I use very reliable

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Thanks wajanja, I’ll check out on both sites. Meantime how do I get a good and trusted clearing agent, considering siko mtaani and this will be the first time am doing this. Any suggestion @highschooler. @The.Black.Templar how do you go about it. How long does it take to get the car down to Mombasa.

eeeeh sbt japan wako juu
ukioder itatake 2-4 weeks … watu wa sbt watakuambia tu…
clearing agent ndio unafaaa kuhofia

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Asande @highschooler

I am also importing my first car…inafika around 18th april. I made payment on it in late February. I have had to wait one and a half months for it to get here.
Aa for the clearing agent…ni wengi sana online but siwezi trust wao. So I am using a reference from a good friend who imports regularly.

hello,for all your genuine imports consultancy please contact Mr.Gachugi phone no:0708495954 thank you

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