Importation of smartphones to kenya.

Am interested in importing a specific smartphone not yet available in kenya. Anyone who can help?
I will gladly appreciate any help offered.
Ata nikipata mtu wa ku-import on my behalf ni sawa pia

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You can use a company ikuletee if unabuy online è.g amazon ama ebay

Which company can I use? Can I avoid taxation?

No, we don’t condone corruption here. The fight against corruption must be won and it starts with all of us.


Who is corrupting who here? Am not greasing anyone’s palm or even attempting to

Elaborate on the word ‘specific’…

Nataka Motorola fulani. But I can compromise on another similar phone

import Nexus, Motorolla and OneplusOne/Oneplus2 and i will be your customer

ops my bad…

What about oppo?

Am looking for that stuff too… Someone promised to import that gadget i can’t remember who.

if its in the US i can connect you to a rela coming on holiday late sept…inbox if interested in that kind of arrange…

anaweza nibebea puloti ya santa fe?

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soma hapa

can it be classified as personal luggage?

Have you tried contacting this Kentexcargo fellas yourself? The last time i tried i got no reply.

bado ,but i think you can call them

He he, here the mods lead in trolling.

Unatoa country ngani nione kama naweza saidia

I recommend @incognitus .

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