Importation Business

I want to start a tyre importation Business and have already identified the supplier, what do i need to know about shipment, taxes and Duty Saidia Oh Saidia (S.O.S)

ukipata info uniambie pia…yangu ni ya spare parts.

weka alerts usome

wouldn’t know. i would suggest however, you find someone at sameer and buy the individual lunch.
they shut down their factory and began importing from China because it was cheaper.
expect, railway levy 1.5%, vat 16% and excise, and idf, and (stawi tax and northlands tax and konyagi tax).

Boss tembea Chinese trade fair kesho pale KICC u Neva know unaeza pata deals.

I think that first thing that you need to know is how large is your market, and who exactly are your future customers. If you put your effort to make import of goods and then search for somebody who will by it, then you might find yourself wasting much of your time. Think about it

I’ve had a shop for some time now, I want to increase my margins since the wholesalers are now selling on retail pushing the retailers out of business… So it’s either this or shut down and a waste of the current investment I’ve put in ( Go Hard or Go Home) … otherwise customers wako inna di area