Importation and use of Armored cars....



Hii ndiyo inarudisha nchi nyuma. Police who cant even protect or solve directors of land buying companies yet they want to police your armoured car. Or police who expose their own in unarmoured proboxes chasing after money

But it should be controlled.

Imagine if the westgate attackers had amoured cars…

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Its a stupid control really. Im assuming that by armoured they mean bullet proof cars or at least vehicles with bullet proof glass coz i dont think anyone can buy and drive military type armoured vehicles without raising eye brows. If in the case above a normal policeman would not even know a civilian vehicle that has bullet proof capabilities. Thus al kebabs wouls not have any difficulty driving a vx with bullet proof glass. Such legislation only gives an already corrupt force more avenues to collect bribes n hassle whananchi.

Security begins with you

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This place is slowly turning into a dictatorship. I have observed that. Fuck all other drama.

Sikuelewi. Place ni Kenya au kijiji… juu ka ni nchi, such regulations are sometimes necessary

Kenya. Kijiji admin anaweza ata funga apost peke yake na si tusome tu juu ni yake.

ooh sawa. nimekuelewa. btw it’s part of Kenyan law. Ilipitishwa ni wabunge wetu

…wale tulirauka kwenda kuwapigia kura.

Mwafrika akipata freedom yote bado ni shida tu…

Niliwahi piga kura one time tu.

The primary role of any government is to ensure there are more poor people than rich people. Very many people can afford to have armored vehicles in Kenya but it will lead to insanity.

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Gari huwanga imeandikwa wapi “armoured” ? in short, how will police know that my windscreen is bulletproof?

Boinett is another useless one, siku zake 40 zifike aende.