Important - The efficacy of the vaccines

Go and get vaccinated, y’all. Musiogope! It’s safe to say that a vaccine is better than no vaccine, based on the interpretation provided in the video. At least it will prevent you from being hospitalized or even dying. Listen to the experts in the video about the efficacy of the different vaccines. Very informative!

I’ll get that AstraZeneca shot, even with its supposedly lower efficacy. Even though it was a race against time, I don’t like how they rushed these vaccines. Something tells me they might cause serious side effects years or decades after the jab. If that’s the case, I hope the least effective vaccines (AstraZeneca/Johnson & Johnson) will also have the least adverse side effects. So ideally it will be just good enough to protect against COVID while also having the mildest of whatever complications will appear in the future.

Let me ask, why are governments promoting good health, social distancing and sanitizing. Prevention then administrators of the cure. Just a query, I’m not antivax

Read about AstraZeneca’s efficacy here:

Boss, all vaccines are effective!! Watch the video above to be educated on this. Hakuna ile iko na efficacy poorer … don’t compare apples to oranges

I watched the video, I just stated what I believe. Scientists are not always right.

:D:D:Dthat logic does not make sense… the ingredients are different and so are the side effects… best option is to wait a year or two. watu wakianza kudedi usikuwe kwa hesabu.kuna lots of willing guinea pigs

Acha kusumbua! We can read research papers and make a decision. Hii koruna hapana, hata 10th wave ikikam nope. This thing isn’t natural

‘Kizungu mingi’ au sio?