Im just wondering how it feels like to live forever…knowing that you wont would life be like.

i believe your mind will eventually get tired and yearn for a rest which is death

Our souls will live forever son in an eternity of either peaceful bliss or eternal torment, these bodies will expire back to dust after our time here on earth ends

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It would suck…you for instance would have herpes for eternity!


Assume its in perfect health.i think it would be wonderful.

Kula hii momo[ATTACH=full]8158[/ATTACH]


Wretched, pathetic, and full of bliss

The saddest part would be knowing that everyone you love will die and leave you alone in this world ∞ times :frowning:

Desolation and sadness would become extinct. Even if loved ones left, you’d get new people to cherish. Life would be interesting as you observe people invent and discover new stuff.

@danji1 that doesn’t sound right … No matter how much we may want to deny it, our identities are tied to people in our immediate circles because they indirectly help us to define ourselves as people. As much fun as it would be to keep re-inventing yourself, you would get to a point where you need some stability and familiarity that can only be achieved by creating lasting relationships. Can you imagine how sad it would be to achieve that stability with someone, spend 50 years with them, then watch them die? Even if you know you’ll meet someone else again because you’re immortal, it gets tiring and frustrating at some point because then you realize that every person you ever care about will die and leave you.

Have you experienced the death of a loved one? Imagine that happening to you over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

You get to have the extreme sad job of burying everyone and anyone you ever love and care about. Your children from every single relationship too … thats generations upon generations of your own blood. I don’t think I have the strength, tears and whatever else it takes to do that.

It would still be terrible. At some point, someone will catch on that there is a nigga here who doesnt seem to be ageing like everyone else and has been around for the longest.
At which point you will find yourself in some lab being dissected or being taken apart piece by piece so guys can figure out why…and we havent event talked the zombie apocalypse that is coming!

What would be the point of living?

Bangi si mbaya, tatizo ni kubadlisha muuzaji na kutotoa mbegu.

na kusahau kunywa maziwa

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I personally blv it would be better to live forever without identity, but to live forever as @Davidee wud at some point bore u

I would build a rocket & tour the universe. And return to earth after 1,000,000 years to look around. Loneliness might bring me down because humans are social animals but YouTube has Millennia worth of videos. If you have a few TB of hard disks with you… and drugs exist for altering the mind. We might find one that cures loneliness. One can also build a race of artificially intelligent robots to take with.
If time wasn’t the issue, not even the sky would be the limit.

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True…its unbelievable how much of the
galaxy you could explore…colonise other planets and amass great knowledge…i dont think it would be any boring.