IMF Executive Board Approves US$2.34 Billion ECF and EFF Arrangements for Kenya

Board approves SDR 1.655 billion (about US$2.34 billion) ECF and EFF arrangements for Kenya.Thethree-year financing package will support the next phase of the authorities’ COVID-19 response and their plan to reduce debt vulnerabilities while safeguarding resources to protect vulnerable groups.TheFund-supported program will also advance the broader reform and governance agenda, including by addressing weaknesses in some state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and strengthening transparency and accountability through the anticorruption framework.

Btw Treasury exempted the merged CBA and NIC bank from paying share transfer tax running into hundreds of millions of shillings but ARVs donated by USAID is where they draw the line. Ile umeffi iko hii nchi :D:D:D.

expect more high rise flats without tenants
240B/2B = 120 days

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Thought kenya tumewekwa CRB, and that tulifuliza hadi maximum!! Why the fuck are they increasing our limit?

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Its about time another time for a KQ Bailout. Annual calling.

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State own enterprises=kplc

No wonder lockdown will never end because there is money coming in.

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msijali nyinyi jubileediots , hata america na china wako na deni ya wengine… iko nini ?

what the fuck is this yet hio pesa 50% will go via corruption

Only a fool doesn’t change his mind


US wants to grab kenya before chinaman. Dont be surprised loans zikiwa pardoned ama uncle sam offsets our china loan. Hapo ndio mutakubali. Seen how mombasa port was in the limelight a while back? US hawawezi kubali iende tu hivyo. Walishindwa na zoomalia so kenya is ripe for the taking mombasa coast is strategically placed and everyone wants a piece

Na hata hajaskia vibaya