imei builds a multi purpose powerful pc .....part ii introduction,choosing the components & shipping

Incase you missed part one here is the link

Disclaimer, like i stated in part one the info herein is purely based on my research and may not necessarily be factually correct, its written from my perspective. The list continues from number 5. I still hold that its wise to get the best of the first three ie CPU,MOBO & GPU.

    Your top end cooler will need something to keep the temperatures low during those heavy tasks or gaming. Like i had indicated there are three types of cooling namely air that uses computer cpu cooling fans which are fairly priced but their downside is that they are huge hence may get in the way of other components like ram, pci e lanes etc they also seam quite loud. second is a custom water loop which are flashy and highly customizable you can cool the cpu,mobo, gpu in one loop hence your end build is not only nicely,neatly done but also flashy as hell the downside is that the are super expensive and can only recommmend to someone who is highly experienced in pc building and not newbie like in my case. Finally there is a solution called an AIO that combines the best of both the air and custom loop cooling, Its mid range pricing and that is what i choose. I had told you that saving shipping costs allowed me to go for full rgb hence went for thermaltake 3.0 ring rgb. The type you use make sure is compatible with the socket on the mobo.
  1. [MEDIA=amazon]B0196LP24M[/MEDIA]

    Storage is a critical part of any build whether its for the os or your other files here one is confronted between choosing between the SOLID STATE DRIVES aka ssds and the the traditional hard drives ie the spinning with magnetic heads. ssds do not have spinning heads like their traditional counter parts hence they have higher write and read speads. They are further divided into two namely:
    a) m.2 ssd which are premium with insane read and write speeds the downside is that they are super expensive. They are high performance. They use pcie and use the m.2 port on the mobo.
    b) sata ssd which come in the 2.5 inch form and use sata cable to connect to the mobo. They are commonly found in laptops and hit sata speeds of 600mbps. They are failry priced and are in between the m.2 and the regular hard disk.
    second we have the traditional hard drive here when purchasing kindly look at the rpm where an rpm like 7200 will be slightly faster than 5400 but the downside is that they tend to be loud. Also manufactures have embraced colouring to distinguish between perfomance with coluor types like black,blue,green etc hence exercise due deligence. My advice is that pick an ssd for use with the OS but pick the traditonal hard drive for regular storage for documents,music,videos etc here is what I chose:
    i) (a) for os [MEDIA=amazon]B01M20VBU7[/MEDIA]

ii)(a) for storage i went for two of these [MEDIA=amazon]B00OS86QEO[/MEDIA]

here its purely subjective to choose the type of drives you want for your personal needs

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very informative

Leta part 3, am really keen to review the final product.

on the HDs, dont go with SATA, may i recommend going with an marriage between SSD and SAS , you can get 15000rpm 10-12Gbps SAS

Not derailing your uzi,
but niko na ssd msata 512GB up for sale.anyone in need Inbox .

Picha of the final product

following tu.

part three itakuja after nimefanya assembly

will do

    The common mistake builders do is to buy a shitty or rather a cheap power supply, This component will drive your valuable parts hence a little research is need some factors to look include fully/semi modular, the wattage required here the site estimates your estimated power required for your build as you choose them another link you can use to estimate wattage is just input your parameters. Also if you intend to run sli or crossfire look for one that can handle the multiple GPUs . Efficiency is also important with difference categories namely 80+ bronze, 80+ gold, 80+ platinum and 80+ titanium (arranged in ascending order) offering different efficiencies. Finally make sure your power supply is compatible with your case. Am still torn between installing the power supply with the fan facing down or up any insights?
    a) [MEDIA=amazon]B017HA3RGE[/MEDIA]

  2. CASE
    Finally the last critical part is the case itself. This is the home of all the components. It will also be the first thing people see when they look at your build. There are numerous and all types of cases so look for the following form factor (basically its size) they range from mini tower,mid tower, full tower and ultra tower you have to be carefull to match the mobo,power supply and graphics to ensure they are compatible. If you are rocking a full rgb mbeast like am doing ensure your case has a side panel, other minor details include the number of drive bays (although in my view optical drives are becoming reduntant) when was the last time you used your laptops cd rom? i decided to go for a case that didnt have an optical drive. I settled for two cases the thermaltake core p5 which is an awesome case that is wall mountable, can be installed in vertical and horizontal mode but i dismissed it on two counts one since its “open” it requires high standards of cleanliness to keep dust at bay and also if you keep pets like cats may interfere with your setup so i settled for the rosewill cullinan with blue led fans
    a) [MEDIA=amazon]B01M6TV6PC[/MEDIA]

when it arrives i intend to remove the front fans instal them beneath the top dust filter cover and instal the thermaltake 3 ring aio infront

How do you intend to ship all these parts? you ask yourself ok about last three weeks a platoon strength of navy seals landed pale kwa trumpland for some joint exercises and training before they left i had a lengthy conversation with them and they agreed they will divide the parts amongst themselves and bring them home. We agreed once they land they will text me the residence address and use it as shipping address true to they kept their word, I ordered and in record two days all the package had arrived. I had contacted kentex and kote and would have forked some real dough so what am i gonna pay for shipping ? in bottles of vat 69 which retail at a cool ksh 840 pale works:D @Luther12 @123tokambio @Marty McFly @amun @mariachi @Cypher254 @Deorro @screwplus @vercetti19 @vuja de and all enthusiasts

the items were fully delivered with realtime package tracking
[ATTACH=full]128026[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128027[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128028[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128029[/ATTACH]

juzi during packing and verification @Luther12 sadly there will be no unboxing that the price for free shipping:(:(:(:(:frowning: but i dont mind
[ATTACH=full]128044[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128045[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128046[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128047[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128048[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128049[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128050[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128051[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128052[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]128053[/ATTACH]

The first eight parts are mandatory but the following are optional or can be acquired over fullness of time and am watching them over the black friday/ tech monday period if the price is right might just grab them .

  1. Display/Monitor
    ya’ll remember the mbeast that @Luther12 ordered for me and @incognitus delivered last year nuff said. but there is a facebook page called best sellers that sells ex japan computers they have reasonable prices for displays. The advantages /disadvantages of using a tv as a display are explained here

In my own case i dont think am gonna rock the multiple displays since my tv is just gonna dwarf the other monitors secondly the tv has no display port hence i bought high performance hdmi cable seen in the pictures above. Speaking of which is there any difference between between hdmi cables that can carry any hdmi signal ama hdmi ni hdmi?

  1. Operating System :- The primary os will be windows 10 64 bit @Deorro nisaidie na torrent link ya latest version/ build that will be installed on the samsung ssd and looking at bootup/ shut down time of less than 7 seconds i will report here the findings. With the two extra 4tb hard disk am yet to decide whether to dual boot with ubuntu or not. Am also torn between setting up raid 0 or 1 or leave them to be stand alone hard disks .

  2. Expansion cards/ Networking/ Other accessories
    They include sound cards, wireless/ wired network adapter they should come with the motherboard or can be bought later, Case fans and fan controllers should come with the case or bought later, The thermal paste should come with the cooler or can be bought later

  3. Peripherals
    They include keyboards (look for the type of switch used ie mx cherry red,blue, brown etc, anti ghosting features,wired/wireles, bluetooth,fully rgb/led, if the switch is individually lit or not etc) For the mouse look if its wired/wireless, bluetooth or not,rgb or not, dpi, size etc . For headphones look for in ear,over ear,wired or not, look if it comes with mic or not here it boils down to indidual tastes and preferences . Other peripherals include webcam and a microphone.

Ok gentlemen there goes part 2 …part three will be assembly and initial reactions it will be sometime kuanzia 10th thanks and blessed week

Really lucky. Shipping costs are a major deterrent.

No worries buddy. Bora kila kitu kimepatikana.

windows iso download from hapa

tunangojea mapicha ukimaliza assembly

@imei2012 , if you prefer to get Windows 10 the “clean” way without using activators and all sorts of cheats.Just install Windows 7 pro first and activate it using Daz Loader then get the free Windows 10 upgrade after which you will be entitled to a free lifetime Windows 10 pro license even if you will reformat your pc.

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Beautiful build right there. Next step, ujuane na msee wa Tokens.

very nice. welcome to PCMR

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