imei builds a multi purpose powerful pc ......part i introduction,choosing the components & shipping

PS this is gonna be a long post. When last year my curiosity was aroused after my research into a console I was seeking to buy, I landed into the PC vs console wars and from the onset I decided I was gonna route for Pc and in earnest my journey began. Part of the reason am doing these threads is because people with a lot of information with PC building in the 254 have largely remained underground and hide under the banner that “techies don’t reveal their specs” This leaves a poor Kenyan at the mercies of builders from Europe or the US, studying countless articles and you tube tutorials which lack the necessary relevance to the circumstances well fuck that I call them information bandits and in a classical imei style am gonna deconstruct them. The info herein is purely based on my research and errors of omission or commission are greatly regretted.

When you decide to build a pc its like jumping into the deep end of a pool and learning to swim at the same time! In this thread am gonna list all the components you need on your first build each component will divided into three parts, the first part will be my raw notes, the second will be what i choose and finally the last part will be reviews that i deem fit of the part that i chose. To ensure your parts will be compatible folks at have created a wonderful site to test compatibility issues that may arise feel free to check them out as i will be publishing my final build on that site. The parts I will list will be in the priority order. I prepared complex matrices that factored in shipping but I wont bother you with that. Since I didn’t need them anyway. Like or not, hate him or not uncle sam remains the only person you gonna get your parts from. At this juncture I was confronted with two options namely:

  1. buy parts now expensive and use the cheap shipping option presented to me or
  2. wait till black friday and hope prices drop(still not guaranteed) and buy cheap but still pay for premium shipping well my choice was simple i went for number 1.

Some factors to consider when starting include but not limited to the following :-

  1. Purpose of the PC in my case it was an all purpose one to include gaming, rendering and an htpc.
  2. Shipping is damn expensive( which in my opinion) is greatly limiting international trade. Am on record as saying on this forum that it does not make economic sense to pay for shipping at cost half the price of the item you are bringing in ! This factor changed my build from non rgb build to fully rgb build, Since the money i was gonna spend on shipping was used to upgrade the parts.
  3. Type cooling of your CPU, this element primarily determines your entire other components. There are three types of cooling namely:
    a)air:-cheap but uses alot of space
    b)aio:- combines both advantages of air and water mid range price
    b)water:- premium but addS swag to the build
    for more about cooling click here
  4. Cost:- building a PC is no cheap venture hence cost play a critical part. If you are not an enthusiast and you want primarily gaming you are better off buying a console. I saved for a year!

There are three primarily places to get PC components namely:
There are others but I wasnt intrested. I choose amazon right away and paired it to my card Equity Visa debit card (in simple terms ATM card) and was immediately granted one month PRIME membership which meant anything that I bought marked prime was gonna be shipped to continental USA free of charge! So when a team of seals was picked to attend deep ops training pale trumpland I knew it was my home run!. Placing an order on amazon using visa proved problematic everytime I tried to pay it would return an error that payment was declined hence I had to visit my local branch upo which I was advised that ATMs are maxed out at KSH 20K hence required to fill in a form authorizing online purchases and the maximum daily ammount to transact. They instructions were effected within 24hrs and I proceeded to order. Here i drew the conclusion that so long as your ATM is either visa or mastercard just visit your bank and iron out issues and you are free to order on amazon. @123tokambio and @Luther12 nakumatt global is not necessary and paypal is not accepted on amazon since they are rivals. So without much ado lets get to the parts arranged in the order.

  1. CPU aka central processing unit or simply the processor
    Here the big decision is between INTEL or AMD and its the first component to be chosen because it dictates the rest of the build, its the brain behind the monster. Depending on the use of the pc some factors to consider include number of cores/threads,cpu speed,socket of the motherboard,multi threading, overclocking ability etc. Here I choose Intel i7-7700k since I wanted a kabylake built and to overclock it since the k version is unlocked the downside is that since its unlocked it doesnt come with a cooler like the stock one:

2.Motherboard aka mobo
According to me this is the second most important part to buy some factors include the form factor, type of ram,cpu socket, sli/crossfire support inbuit wifi,bluetooth, support for multi GPU etc here I had two types of mobos to choose from the asus rog maximus ix code or formula, I choose the formula because though a little pricy because I intend to do water cooling at some point but otherwise If you are not into water cooling the code is the perfect replacement.
a) [MEDIA=amazon]B01MSWF8L9[/MEDIA]

3. GPU aka Graphics/video card
This is the third most important component some of the build. Some factors to consider include 3d/virtual reality support,support for multi displays,cooling type(water or air) output types ie display port,hdmi etc, HDCP 2.2 support, chipset, video ram, interface, type of sync etc Here we have two types of GPU ie founders/reference edition and after market solutions, here i choose the the msi gtx 1080. I had decided to go for two of these babies lakini ingebidi niuze liver so saving for next to give it an SLI.
a) [MEDIA=amazon]B01GLYD7MG[/MEDIA]

4. Memory aka RAM
After learning i would save a tonne of cash on shipping I decided to go for G.skill trident z rgb initially i had gone for corsair vengeance but it wasnt fully rgb. I wanted to max out the mobo by giving it 64gb but the sales tax ate into my budget( fuck trump or is it the IRS) so after carefull consideration I decided to slash 32 gb and remain with 32gb. some factors to consider when buying ram include speed, pin type,size,voltage, heat spreader,etc

nimechoka ntaendelea baadaye @Luther12 @123tokambio @mariachi @Cypher254 @ochithunder @SwagMargeddon @nairobilay @Marty McFly @Big Boss @screwplus @vercetti19 @Deorro @vuja de and all enthusiasts stay tuned for the continuation …

Nice work man Also saving up to build my own rig before the year comes to an end

very detailed as usual

Well written and detailed. Masomo iendelee. I chose the Nakumatt card (issued in conjunction with KCB) specifically to avoid linking up my bank a/c.

Wah! Information is knowledge. Ignorance will be the death of us

niiiiiice, nitakuja kucheza Overwatch

Haven’t you spent almost 120k so far? Na bado haujamaliza? I would love to get your final price vs cost of a branded PC with same specs.

Angetulia aende HP flani nmeona kwa thread ingine. Bu I hear there is joy in using a product of your own hand

Nice, I like

:D:D Good one! :D:D

There’s immense satisfaction in the doing, not just in cost savings. And that ‘satisfaction’ derived from doing it cannot be monetarily quantified.

Ebu malizia review…and I am waiting to see the final product. I have that plan in the near future.

branded PC with same specs is way more expensive

Someone tag jazzman sipati hando yake

Add compromises on parts and you realise why one would want to go the DIY way!

Sisi ni watu ya APU.
But naona gtav mgsv na watchdogs zikinifanya ninunue a heavily used HP alafu niweke graphics card


Tegea black friday / tech Monday deals in the meantime get your Visa or MasterCard ready but don’t pair it to your Amazon account wait till you are ready to order so as to make use of prime 1 month free shipment all the best

Nimefanya summary bro ningepost my whole findings only njoki ndungu angerelate

As soon as am done with that am severing links