imagine all those that were in the matatu, their families. the children. shiet, we could 10% of rift halley in 2 months


Sisi watu wa kiambu tuko safe lakini mbona Gok is ban travells from UG to kenya

alafu this crowd mentality everyone coming there I don’t know trying to see what with only a handful wearing protective covering

i thought ebola can be spread through exchange if body fluid?

hii mpya inatamba kama homa

Including sweat.

It is also airborne.

kutombana pia

becoz kenya govt is not know how to deal with ebola

Because it’s a proven method of stopping the spreading of the disease!

no its not

Yes it is. It may not be as contagious as Measles or Influenza but it is still airborne to some extent. However, air is not the main way it spreads.

most buses coming to nairobi from western pass in kiambu na kuna stopovers mob za mahindi, nobody is safe ,kwanza watu wengi hushukia from kikuyu

Kwani sweat sio body fluid?

Kama unaishi Kenoo ama kimende pambana na hali yako

hehehe, o.k., point is people move around a lot, niko ruaka but distance from ruaka to gitaru/kinoo etc is less than 40 minutes away and from ruaka kuna mats to west etc