Imac for sale

Wakubwa nauza imac all in one desktop.

Specs are :
27 inch ,1tb, 8gb ram, core i5 ,2.7 ghz, truebrite screen hd, all in one desktop mac os 10.12 sierra ( upgradable to mojave 10.14) ,used for 1 yr , nvidia geforce gtx 675 mx 1024 mb ( supports eternalGPU graphics card using thunderbolt) for more details and pics, contact me on +254718075688 [ATTACH=full]212038[/ATTACH]

How much?



IT is iMAC or iMac!!

Imac or IMAC is disrespectful…ghasia na sio apples…ni Apple!

you probably cannot afford it anyway so say whatever you wan’t say
and your english is incomprehensible

Bitch please


show me any apple device u own…hata kama ni iPhone 5c ama first gen ya any apple u have…
else keti lane yako

Hiyo imac mumeuza sana ,iko all over.rekebisha bei

aviator umerudia hii picha sana. si utuwekee ingine

Wacha niipeleke pale Mac n more trade in Ni upgrade to a later model then nitaweka

sio nini ama nini,but if i was doing biz with you and you popped out all those expensive gizmos…that watch would end you.Curren? yes?

unapanga kunitembelea kama siko ama?

niibe curren watch? machinku hawajanilemea hivyo sana na deni