I'm not used to these...

I have been to three sides of Kenya and can comfortably say there are people who take salaams seriously.

Luhyaland…everyone stands to shake your hand. Actually they came in numbers early morning where I had visited…naskiko Kuna wakeni Mamake Lenin? To them borrowing is a norm. By the time I left I had all manner of request even for story books for Naliaka who is going to class eight.

Loita deep in the maa…before I knew what they wanted many young kids had suffered silently. Tens would run to me bow and I give them sweets. Little did I know they just wanted to be touched on the head. For the elderly something called Romon was required. Romon is something akin to when two saved say to one another when they meet.

Giriama land…this is the land of greetings. As you walk be prepared to use marahaba hundreds of times…for the aged wakisema wasindaze…you say sinda maana then maana sinda which is replied with close to five sindas.

So different from where I come from…no much things…kuhana atia,uga githee,muriega nyina wa maina,wimwega etc is enough.

Kenya has a vibrant culture indeed.


Kwetu sisi husema “yes yes” mwingine anajibu “yah yah”


I agree I like kigiriama.

diversity…kila watu na zao…respect and move on…

TZ kids like greetings sana ati ni heshima. If you lock eyes with one lazima utashika mooh


I DFHKMBL a giriama and she was shouting ‘nanya…Nanya…Nanya’, what does that mean mutembei?

Am shitting X3 (I believe that is it)


Where I come from, you don’t shake hands with strangers. Utajipata umewafuata.


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British: Alright mate?! (awai mai!) You Answer- Alright mate, and keep going…

Irish: Whats the story Buddy? You Answer - Fuckin` alright! buddy!..

Polish: Cheshch? You Answer - Chesch Kurva! Ya shemash?..


Alaf sasa?
Fiti buda.

Then am lucky sikuaangushiwa weapon

Funny you say that; A Tanzanian friend of mine was going out with a Kikuyu chick (from mashinani Murang`a) and he asked me on a very Serious Note,Deeply concerned kind of way ati…“Kabuda,Ngai ni Nani? Unamjua jamaa yeyote anitwa Ngai? …Maanake kila nikiwa namtia Njambi anamwita Ngai!..”
Nilicheka karibu nianguke,this fucker thought Njambi was screaming out the name of some other jamaa everytime he shagged Njambi…
Talk about “Lost in Translation”…


hapa umechanganya kigiriama na kitaita
Giriama - Sindaze, you say sinda
Taita- Kwasinda manna, you say Maanato

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Wie gehts dir?
u answer: Ich geht gut…danke. Und dir? Alafu unaskia mtu anasema muss muss. Nachukia hii sana walai

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ooh translation of above
How are u doing?
Ans: I am doing good…thanks…what about u?
a must am doing good too

google is good

south Africa," How is it mate?" or simply " How is it? " and you answer "alright, and you? "

Of course with eleven official languages it varies from place to place… but lingua franca is English

And my Zulu ex-wife nilikuwa naskia kila saa ati…“Unjani?” alafu she answers “skona Unjaani”…

Shona of Zimbabwe; Ndeipi,Muribo? Answer; Ndeipi,Turibo!
Kusindaze? Answer; Kusinda Bo!

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@xuma njoo hapa haraka upesi