I'm No Longer Afraid!!!

[ATTACH=full]10548[/ATTACH] This is one of those things you wish you had the courage to share but even if you did for sure no one believes you ( case in point Waweru)…so it’s pointless!

One act of courage however, can literally move mountains as in the case of Bill Cosby. How I wish our women…just one iron lady would rise up against our very own Cosbys’ in this country!





We have a Cosby?

oh snap! The truthers are about to descend on your azz!

35 rape victims wow man, with that celebrity status why drug people for pussy

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The number is actually at 40+. These are just the ones who were comfortable with being photographed.

Note the empty chair. Its symbolic. There are more :frowning:

Why are you asking other people to stand up? Why not you?

I don’t want to disappear mysteriously plus mine was “mild molestation” touchy touchy here and there. Oh! And I can throw a good jab!!

The way this guy was good with kids. Who would have thought?

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I forgot to attach a video

Here it is


Mimi Ne Wawero…ni nani? Ne Wawero…skiza…ne Wawero!!

fortune seekers!


I still love Bill Cosby, no matter what these losers claim.


Dont’t understand this guy he would have hit all that pussy bila spiking guess he enjoys fucking corpses

Interesting thing is that Oprah was defending him and she was molested as a child

uuuuuuuuum I think you meant to talk about Whoopi :rolleyes:

One thing that is clear now, he loved women in black clothes.

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Hiyo ni nini tena?

Kihehele ya auto correct imeharibu.

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the pleasure of the vagina is when the lady grabs hold of your hard cock,removes the condom,rubs the tip against the vagina lips then slides it in…why would cosby not want to experience that??
sick fucker

I thought ilikuwa picha ya thighs…ahhhh!

Chick whats this stuff that you always type? I grasp zero from some of your comments!