I'm just a concerned Kenyan

So what is China feeding our children?.. I don’t have one btw but soon nitapanda mbegu…I have seen some kids enjoying some type of lollipop na hiyo mti ya kushika inaglow, so I thought… this must be an expensive candy… so mimi na ujasusi nikapeleleza na nikaambiwa ni 10 Bob, so due to curiosity I bought one just to get to understand the product… kumbe it’s from China… now,I really don’t know what sort of thing glows apart from radium, Labda wanakijiji wanielimishe… apparently it doesn’t glow right away but mtoto akitafuna ama kukunja the tube a small capsule in the tube breaks and a chemical reaction takes place and it starts glowing/illuminating… I’m concerned coz China has a reputation of tainted food products with chemicals in it… and kids being kids sometimes chew the lollipop tube baada ya sweet kuisha and definitely they will ingest the contents…


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That’s how I feel nikiona watoto wanatafuna chemicals…

[SIZE=4]Chemiluminescence; most likely using non toxic compounds. Same a glow sticks.[/SIZE]

did you read in the news last week that a peanut butter baron in the US was found guilty of selling contaminated peanut when he knew it was contaminated?

Kazi ya KEBS ni 2nd generation alcohol peke yake ama they check such things?

Ebu tuma evidence KEBS

KEBS should be dismanted and fed to dogs. Hata catholic church itawafanyia kazi yao with the vaccines just like citizens tunawafanyia kazi yao on alcohol. By now they should have mobile labs doing tests on all items sold to mwananchi

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Whays the brand name?




Avoid it like plague!

Problem is that kids will think it’s great fun and pilfer coins to buy it without your knowledge.

Yeah have seen those but in the military during ranges chemlite

damn! what happened to the sweets that looked exactly like a lipstick and the ringed sweets you would wear on your finger?

KEBS ilikufa long time ago walipo anza kuuza stickers kwa wasee wa black market