I'm broken

Many pink handles wonder why men don’t respect their marriages/women in general. Let me confess my issues in this s**thole where no one cares.
Among many experiences, four stand out that made me heartless. They happened when I was young.

  1. Katiad her for six months. Tried everything in my arsenal to no avail. Shed many a tear for her. She eventually left me for a DJ I introduced her to. Slept with him within two days. He dumped her after a year of cheating and fights.
  2. Went out with her for a year. Loved each other and life was good. One day after heavenly love making, she said she didn’t love me anymore. She moved on in two weeks with someone I knew.
  3. Went out for 6 months. After 1 and 2, was cautious. Eventually she won me over. Started acting cold until one day she said I wasn’t meeting her financial needs. After we broke up found out she was sleeping with her boss, two jungus and several one night stands. After 2 years she tried to return.
  4. Went out for many years. One day I saw a message to her ex saying she still loved him. Fought about it, forgave and then saw another after two years. Thought about putting her kwa kaburi but decided prison was not for me.
    Nowadays, if you mention the word love, I feel as if someone has put a huge rough piece of metal in my a**hole and they are twisting it round and round.
    Love doesn’t exist.

Wewe ni brarry…gasketi kabisa…

Hahaha. Thanks. That’s the consolation I needed.
Wewe ni mqoondo.

Wanaume kama mabinti…How are people this weak emotionally? Hii yote ni upuss.


But denis, you also had a similar story here so cut the guy some slack.

Cupid is on the way. Anyway, you find yourself smitten by these females. After a short while you invest financially, emotionally, and physically thinking it will work kumbe ni kunguru.
Happened to me back then, I became emotionally withdrawn after that experience and left a trail of heart breaks. Nilivunja wasichana wengi roho ati nikurevenge but nilireform.

He’s right.
I was acting like a hormonal b***h when I was young.
Now, when I get that feeling, natomba kunguru alafu natoa CD namwaga kwa mdomo yake and the feeling goes away.

If I see that little matapaka Cupid I will break his tiny legs.

Diagnosis - Kunguruphilia.
Prognosis - Two hot, life-changing slaps.

Moral of the story: Lesbian relationships dont last.

  1. Hiyo ilikuwa kunguru ya club. DJ akidai vitu he always takes priority.:D:D
  2. She was already fucking him before she broke up with you, only that you did not realize it. Pole.
  3. Was a golddigger who slept with anyone who could meet her price.
  4. Her ex had a bigger dick than yours:D…and used it better than you.
    Conclusion: You need a bigger dick bro. Also, you seem a little too unlucky in relationships. There is a 99% chance you are ugly, boring or both. Women like drama all the time. Be a jerk and watch her become addicted to you. Surprise them with a slap sometimes.

Symptoms: baba toto feeling emotional
Diagnosis: broken heart,liver,lungs,intestines and other organs.
Prescription: a spoonfull of superglue three times a day for two months
Management: stop trying to domesticate crows.


what a foolish reply. retard comment of the day this early

Kunguru tuuu! Anyway kazi ni kumove on kama shenji!

I did. Many years ago.

And my d"*k isn’t broken so kazi ni kutoa thong na kutia.

Great. Its an invaluable learning experience.

If I told you how long ago this was, you would laugh.